Zug, Switzerland

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Maverick74, Aug 25, 2007.

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    Better then living in the backwaters of PA huh AC? How is that ER2 treating you these days?
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  2. personally i wouldn't choose disneyland or prop sales over zug or pa, but i respect your choice lol
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  3. Don't forget to buy the Benz S600 if you relocate to Switerland. No girl will look at you if you don't drive it.
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    Huh? Dude, you drinking again or are the Hillary 08 pep rallies wearing you down? I think you've lost it man. No, I take that back. You lost it when you were absolutely paranoid out of your mind that the draft was going to be re-instated and you were going to get recruited from some hillbilly town in PA to the US army. Now that was classic shit. LOL.
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  5. l o l what are you defending man? you made an ass out of yourself and it cracked me up, especially cuz you're such a dick. laugh a little! show some humility.

    lol tell us more about your relocation to zug
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    I never stated that image was from Zug. I pulled 3 images from google and posted them. Not sure how that was me making an ass of myself. And I guess if taking the other side of of your nutbrain political ideas is being a dick, then I must be one.

    I never said I was relocating to Zug. LOL. Come on AC, I know the public school system is bad in PA but come on man. You really need to learn to read posts better. All I did was ask a question about Zug and if anyone on ET lived there as it has been in the news recently and has been featured as a prime trading mecca.

    Seriously AC, I have nothing against you man, but you need to stop being so emotional and reacting to every little post thinking you've uncovered another vast conspiracy. It was just a simple question about Zug. Relax. If you have been there or know anything about it, feel free to add your input. Otherwise go hang out on the dailykos or moveonorg.
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  7. lol that was lawyerly. sure, disneyland, zug whatever. i couldn't resist
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    I think you better take your adderal now AC. LOL.
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