Zug, Switzerland

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  1. Hello Maverick74,

    Zug has a very nice community of traders / hedgefunds / Private Equity boutiques.

    For example :

    Paul Rotter http://www.rotterinvest.com/

    Dighton Group www.http://www.dighton.ch/

    Partners Group http://partnersgroup.net/

    Just can confirm what other authors are writing about permissions, taxes and especially what Jack Hershey is reporting about every day living in Zug !

    If you want to come by, contact me PM !
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  2. lol
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  3. Maverick74


    That first pic was thrown in for Don, so he could have someplace to take his kids when he visits. I'm trying to think of everybody here, including the Bright man. :)
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  4. I'm in.


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  5. my son lives about 10 miles from Zug and contemplates now to enroll in the Zurich GSBA MBA program in conjunction with the MBA program of the University of Maryland.

    He already has a bachelor engineering degree from the University of Texas.

    does anybody have experience with U of M and how is this university ranked generally?

    I´d appreciate any comments. Thank you.

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  6. i heard the swiss embassy specifically rejects tourists who can't distinguish their country from disneyland. sorry maverick

    l o l!
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    Do you guys know of any good proprietary trading firms in Geneva?

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    I hear the Swiss embassy specifically responds to cash. Sorry, no conspiracies here for you to chew on AC, stick with Roswell, NM and Area 51.
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  10. lol ok mav. disney responds to cash too
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