Zug, Switzerland

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  2. Hi Felix,

    unfortunately I don't live there.....just yet. I know it's a trading mecca and a beautiful place to live. Also, one of the more nicer tax havens in the world. Also, a nice 40 minute train ride from Zurich. I'm just trying to get some more info. Just wondering if any of our ET'ers call Zug home or have visited.

    Mav, You were asking about property being cheap in The Woodlands, TX.........and now Zurch.......nice juxtaposition.......what gives?
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    I have family that moved to the Woodlands. Woodlands and Zug have nothing to do with each other.
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  4. Hmm, good idea, and you'll need a place to trade from anyway. I'll work on it.

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    Didn't think you could just move there. Don't you have to be "invited" to become a resident/citizen? Strict immigration rules, I'm told... Felix, can you respond.
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    Well, living there and being a citizen are two different things.
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    For people from EU or EFTA countries it's easy. They can come here and look for a job. You can also set up your own firm but will be required to prove that you have done so (really working business) after 6 months. Non working people have to prove they have enough funds to live here and have a health insurance with a Swiss insurance company.

    Pensioners welcome, if they have enough money. Very wealthy persons too. They can make arrangements to pay taxes only on the costs of their lifestyle. Schumi's lifestyle for instance is put at about 2 mio. CHF on which he pays probably about half a million taxes. It is said he earns about 100 mio. per year.

    Persons from non EU or EFTA countries need to have a job with a Swiss company and they get a permission for one year. Later for 5 years. One needs a clean police record and proof that the job pays for the living in Switzerland.

    Tourists are allowed to stay max. 3 months here but are not allowed to work at all.

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  8. Maverick, isn't that some castle from Disneyland/Eurodisney on your picture ? I don't remember Switzerland having castles like these. Btw, the french speaking part of Switzerland is awesome, especially the region near the Lac Lemand ( Montreux, Lausanne) !
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    Yeah, Mav, that first pic is Disneyland Paris not Zug.
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  10. I live in the French region of Swissland just above Vevey. Have been living here for 5 years. Nice place, nice quality of life but don't expect a North American standard of customer service. People are too rich here to give a shit about how long you've been waiting for your steak.

    As far as getting a permit to live here, the Swiss are the biggest pragmatists in the world. If you got cash, you can get in. On top of that, like the man says, the taxes you pay are flexible.

    Plus, if you are creative with how you set up your "official" means of making your living (ie. not a trader), well there's no capital gains tax in Swissland...

    This site is not a bad primer:

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