Zug, Switzerland

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    Any traders living in Zug? Or been to Zug?
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    Hi Maverick

    I live nearby. Call me 041 7908213 or irniger@gmx.net

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    Hi Felix,

    unfortunately I don't live there.....just yet. I know it's a trading mecca and a beautiful place to live. Also, one of the more nicer tax havens in the world. Also, a nice 40 minute train ride from Zurich. I'm just trying to get some more info. Just wondering if any of our ET'ers call Zug home or have visited.



  4. I lived over the hill in Adlisvil for a while; I worked in Kilchberg.

    Rail into Zurich is like a clock.

    Compared to Greenwich (Before) and Bucks County, PA (After) there wasn't much change in life style costs. Some things in Europe were more expensive; most were less expensive.

    The most stiking thing about living there was the cleanliness and orderliness. Personal sports were very enjoyable as was touring by auto. The weather is really nice in terms of temp ranges; I wore wool most of the year round.

    The traditions and Holidays are delightful and really established. The combination of lakes and mountains and small farms provide very positive settings for living day to day. It is nice to feel small and comfortable in comparison to nature and all living things.

    The strong cultural aspects of wine and food and flowers and trees and pastures gives a well rounded feeling in situ. Hundreds of years of history show in the built environment and the care taking really shows.

    If you have children they will be welcomed; we had a high requirement for childcare since we travelled often and for periods of time. We did not take the kids with us usually. They stayed with their caretaker and learned of the farm life (dairy and pigs) in a setting of land wealth and its accutriments.

    Officialdom is very official and expectations are high for following the rules. You can expect a tap on the door if anyone feels you need instructions. It will take about two generations to develop a close local relationship with the natives. There were exceptions, fortunately.

    The suburbs of the cities are fun places to reside.
  5. are there any trading arcades in Zug?
  6. My grandfather used to live in Montreux at the lake of Geneva.
    Must say it is beautiful there.
    Some friends of mine studied in switzerland as well and they found it very expensive, a hospital room costs more per night than a suite at the hilton. Very good skiing though and some good clubs as well. Been a while since i went there myself
  7. To make records with a mobile. We didnt have much time.
  8. sorry?
  9. Planning an early retirement I see. Pretty nice place, haven't been there, friends have.

    Invite me to your castle when you move over there, LOL.

    Don :)
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    Wait a minute Don. Let me get this straight. You guys do not have an office there? You have an office in Walnut Creek, CA but not Zug, Switzerland? The Swiss love pairs Don, you really should look into it.
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