Zuckerburg sold 30 million shares. How public feels now logging on to FB homepage?

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  1. he needs to pay taxes, thats why he sold some

  2. No, he's got to be more careful than that about his image.

    My wife is a "soccer mom" with 2 kids. The mommies do 40 minutes a day on Facebook. If a celeb uses the "N word" the mommies spread that like wildfire, and that person is "out".

    Rightly or wrongly, if Zuckerburg is seen abusively cashing out a billion bucks, they *will* go someplace else. Their discomfort tolerance for that sort of thing is near zero.

  3. Where will they go? Myspace????

    I don't think any rational person is going to see a CEO cash in some stock and then make a moral decision that the company is not tolerable anymore. The dude created the most valuable IPO in years and he is not allowed to reap some of the rewards? How can that be seen as abusive?
  4. Remember this headline from Obama?

    Obama: “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money”
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    Just my opinion, any yes, we know what they say about opinions... However, Facebook has to be one of the biggest wastes of time, people go there to fight with each other, the narcissists rum rampant there, infidelity and Facebook go hand-in-hand (oh yes, I know a divorce attorney who LOVES Facebook as its made him wealthier!), etc., I could go on...

    Just glad I deleted divorce book from my life after a month of it coming out. Now I laugh to myself watching people waste away on that piece of garbage site.

    Prediction: fartbook will be going the same way as the leisure suit, and station wagon sooner than later. Those who bought those shares on pure emotion have proven to be perfect examples of sheeple...
  6. reminds me of mozillo when he was selling countrywide.

    similiar scenario.

    thin air assets and and a falling share price with the owners and directors cashing in their shares.

    bill gross quote about facebook ' i know a bubble when i see one '.
  7. Funny, but if you change the word "facebook" in your text to the word "elitetrader", it works just the same! :)
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    Yep, certainly a lot of fighting on et, no question. I'll have to hypothesize baron does a better job with revenue than fartbook can, as I myself have purchased some services I never knew about before, and found them on et. Sierra charts, etc.,

    I'd say et will be here long after fight book goes the way of the leisure suit.
  9. Exactly.

    You wanna trade ES you go to CME, they charge double what they should and we dont like it, but they got the liquidity.

    Every where else is a ghost town.
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