ZS +30k on the ask!

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by pma, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. pma


    And climbing,yikes:eek:
  2. heech


    ZS never really moved down too much, though. The F1 synthetic was mostly trading in the 1265-1267 range, only slightly lower than the 1269 limit.

    What will happen Monday? I don't know. I read that spec longs in beans were at an all-time high just last week... will they puke, at least in the old crop?
  3. pma


    I am not sure what to make of this either.One things for sure,I will be trading the heck out of beans next week!:)
  4. why do people always talk about size on bid/offer on limit days. Its completely meaningless. Also always shocked that it trades. More dumb money the better I guess.
  5. pma


    The bid/ask ratio on the DOM was 4:1 or greater for the bid on the way down.:cool:
  6. local


    Trading rule #1, Before you call another trader "dumb", make sure you are not talking about yourself.

    Regards, local
  7. JPope


    I'm familiar with synthetics on limit days, but could you explain what you meant by F1 synthetic?
  8. heech


    I just mean ZSF1, the Jan 2011 futures.
  9. pma


    Taking another beating! :eek:
  10. heech


    Because of all the craziness in soybean (another 5% daily swing including overnight session)... the put/call skew in beans has actually flattened out.

    I haven't really watched the skew closely over time... but I know the put/call skew has been REALLY obvious at least this year. Very interesting to watch.
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