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  1. Has anyone ever heard of this one? Apparently the prop group from ProTrader, that Insty didn't want....
  2. Based in Austin, Tx. The owners are great traders. Dave something is great. He stays on a sqwauk box talking about what he is doing all day. The other two I heard were very successful. Smart enough to sell the rest of the company to Instinet for 150 million... I think they only take newbies they can trade.
  3. Does anyone here trade with Zone? I have heard mixed reviews, and I understand they are under new management. I would be interested in hearing if any current traders would recommend Zone as a place to work.

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  5. I understand Zone Trading is a firm that offers an "employment" situation (i.e. - no capital requirement from trader). Does anyone have any input on commissions, fees or training?
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    i trade there. the owners dont trade anymore becuse they lost soo much $ . there a few good traders that do well , but they wont share the tips with others, they have a different software to look for trades that they wont share so i assume thats why they do ok.

    I'm still struggling making a little $, but after the split it's not much.
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    What's the split at Zone Trading? What is the commission rate?
  8. I have heard the split is horrible and the commissions are high not to mention all the bad politics in the organization. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere? I also heard a bunch of the traders left b/c the management treated them like crap.
  9. What's a horrible split and what do you consider high commissions?
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    Could you be more specific?
    And who do you trade with/recommend?
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