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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by suprajrs, Jan 17, 2003.

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    Has anyone heard or know anything about this firm in austin, texas? Any info is greaatly appreciated!!
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    I know it is the old Prop Organization from Pro Trader. When Instinet bought out ProTrader a few years ago they did not want anything to do with the prop side, they just wanted the retail accounts. Zone is run by one of the guys who made something like $30million in a year trading. I'm not sure how much of it they have kept, I know a lot of the guys who had been trading there (ProTrader Austin) and were making a few million in the glory days now have "Real Jobs", not trading etc.

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    Thanks for the quick reply, i am considering Zone for employment and am hoping to get some info on their basic strategy and if prop traders there are enjoying and making money. Also am curious if they provide training or if one is left on their own. Again any info is greatly appreciated.
  4. You might want to do some more research before you go work for them. I have heard some horror stories.
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    Can u elaboarte more?? I am trying to research them so personal experiences or "horror stories" would be very helpful and what i am hoping to achieve from this forum, thanks
  6. Its the greatest prop shop in the world....
    last i heard you were getting 32% of net as well as base commissions marked up almost 3/1 !!!!!! what a deal !!!!!

    In the mean time you get to work fo somone who at one time had many millions in the internet revolution!!!!

    Zone Trading Partners, a great place to be in the best market ever!!
  7. I think the guy that runs it is named Andy - not positive about that though.
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    Any other, more substantial and recent info?
  9. Yes Andy did make about $25 one year, but he also turned around and lost it in about four months! This was when he was trading on the Protrader Austin floor, not at Zone.

    Zone is the Prop. trading spinoff of Protrader that Instinet didn't want. When the three partners (David, David, and Andy) had it, it was a money making machine. The only down side was they hired an ass to run the place. He got canned for cheating on his travel expenses and Andy bought out the other two partners.

    Since then, Andy has tried to manage it, but he's no manager. He spends most of his time in St. Croix. I feel the place has fallen on hard times. Some of the traders who left Protrader after the floor closings came over, but have never had the glory they had before!
  10. I had no idea the "bossman" got canned for cheating on travel expenses lol!!!! how pathetic............I thought it had to do with losing all the talent in Austin, there was some SERIOUS talent too! I couldnt believe the way the big dope spoke to these young hungry go getters who were banging out big dough.
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