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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Darv, Oct 22, 2003.

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    Anybody know much about this firm? I just had an interview on campus and it looks like I'll be offered to work there. Also, I would appreciate any info on their compensation system. I'm graduating in December, having experience as a trade floor intern for a major energy company. Anybody have advice on trying to break into a prop firm? Thanks!
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    How not to get your post deleted
    Amazingly, ET does a great job of policing itself. I generally get a heads up from another user when they see a potential problem. A moderator can't be everywhere at once, so it is a big help when other users clue us in.

    However, I wanted to address this to a few certain people who come to ET and post a message similar to this:


    User: Joe Anderson
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    "Hey guys, there is this new brokerage place called Anderson Trading ( I was wondering what you guys thought about this firm? Have you heard anything about it?"


    Now, perhaps Mr. Anderson has good intentions and he really wants to know about this firm. However, this is his first post and he already has provided the firm's name, url address and sometimes even a contact e-mail!

    So why would this post get deleted? If you come to ET and post something like that as your first post, it is 99.999% probable that you're plugging YOUR company.

    You can plug your company all you want on ET! So long as you PAY to do it. There are other firms on Elite Trader who are paying cash for the right to plug their firms -- if you'd like to do it, then contact Baron. However, don't bother asking, "Hey why was my post deleted?!" You know why!

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    Hey, I'm not plugging any company. I'm in college and I just interviewed with this company. I want other people's insight if they know anything about them so I can make a rational decision. I came to this board because I figured somebody here would know. If somebody wants to help me out, it would be greatly appreciated! Don't accuse me of something I don't know the hell you're talking about.
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    about Zone Trading
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    about Protrader

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  9. I work at Zone. I think it's a great company.
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