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  1. Sorry, I switched away. No problems with ZA that caused me to leave, just me.
    Using Trendmicro PC-cillin now. My neighbor works for them. So I got *cough* a discount *cough*. :D Quite impressed with it. No problems here.

    I'd definitely buy Trend Micro's stuff - if I had too.
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  2. will i see any benefit for turning off windows xp's firewall during trading?
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  3. Check the Zonealarm customer feedback forums. They have had, for many months, zillions of extreme complaints about unresolved installation bugs which sometimes wipe out entire systems. They have had serious quality control problems and deterioration. Some users have no problems, but you will be taking a big gamble.
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  4. I have to admit that I always felt "lucky" that for some reason I never had problems with ZA. But the more I read about other peoples problems the more I dreaded updating. I always wondered when my luck would run out.
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  5. BSAM


    Wow.....What some of you guys are writing is pretty scary. Glad I made this inquiry. Anyone with good experiences using Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite 6?
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  6. That was my second choice. I think it was around $80 at the time. If I didn't get PC-cillin I had ZA Internet Security Suite all picked out. Came real close to ordering. I kept waiting cause I was that nervous about the "luck running out". Plus 6 had just rolled out - like a first year car, I didn't want to own it.

    Edit: Norton was never considered. THe non-corporate versions seemed to be a nightmare.
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  7. Such people do claim to exist in the Zone Alarm customer feedback forums, BUT if you try to be one of them, you will be playing Russian Rouletter with more than just one of the six chambers loaded.
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  8. MR.NBBO


    My best investment ever:

    Norton ghost 2003.

    It'll save your ass and your computer over and over again. Be sure to have 2 drives, and plenty of up to date ghosts when doing major installs of any kind.

    When CA suite trashed my system.....I just threw in the other drive, ghosted over the CA trashed drive, and we're rollin' again. I tried to install again....same thing, and just ghosted over again.

    Been happy with the ZA pro (stand alone), although I don't see many improvements over the free version?
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  9. Babak


    Been running ZA for years and updating whenever it prompt. No problems whatsoever. I suspect most people aren't very knowledgeable about technical matters and blame ZA incorrectly.
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  10. Yeah, I don't know a sys admin that doesn't live through Ghost.
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