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    holy smokes, I guess I'm lucky I didn't up date and thanks to you I won't (for now).
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  2. I'm running ZA Pro 6.0.631.003, so far no problems. I upgraded, from 5.5, the very first day. (I know, what was thinking?)

    When I ran ZA Pro 5.5 I noticed it didn't care too much for FireFox. I had the occasional odd problem. It also seemed to suck more bandwidth than I would have liked.

    I purchased the 5-user license pack. I can't imagine there is a difference between single and multiuser code. (Apart from license stuff anyway)

    I won't put ZA or any anti-virus stuff on my coding machines. Too risky - too many problems. If you are concerned about ZA and the like, you can always go to a hardware firewall. Something like Netgear ProSafe($-$$) seems to be fine, if you've got more cash to blow you can look at Sonicwall($$) or Cisco($$$+).

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  3. Also be aware of ZA licensing agreement.

    ---From ZA Site.

    Example of subscription renewal timeline
    Let's imagine that you purchased a licence key on the 1st of January.

    * January 1st - Purchased a 1 year subscription
    * December 1st - Zonelabs Security software begins to warn you that your subscription is about to expire***
    * December 31st - Subscription expires at the end of this day. This is the ideal time to renew your subscription!!!
    * January 1st through January 30th of the next year - Subscription expired; some advanced features de-activated (subscription services requiring use of zonelabs' servers). Renewal is still possible at the renewal price
    * February 1st (395 days after initial purchase) - Subscription expired, renewal would now cost the full purchase price. If not renewed, Firewall continues to function without subscription services

    So basically if you don't renew, you lose the "bonus" spyware app but ZA Pro should continue working. But if you wait too long to renew you are paying full price. (Again!)
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  4. sygate personal is free

    i like it alot... i've jumped from ZA to Norton to... sygate... and the jumping stops here.

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  5. I use Zone Alarm Pro 5.5 (won't upgrade to the 6.0 version because of all the complaints I've been hearing about) and it disabled my other firewall.

    However, I dont have any problems manually enabling my other firewall if I want to.

    Thus, I'm under the assumption you can have two firewalls working at the same time when one of them is Zone Alarm.

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  6. You put your priorities wrong.
    Don't even bother with software fw's if you don't have a hw fw, at least if you're serious about security. You could do with only a hw fw. You can't with only a software firewall.

    I use Dlink 624 which also gives you wireless as extra (about $100). LinkSys also is interesting as you may put high performance custom firmware on it.
    Why no ZA or anti-virus stuff on your " coding machines"? Doesn't sound right to me, provided you use "quality" software: NO ZA or Norton gimmicks. Buy good stuff. I use Kaspersky for 2 years now. No comparison with kiddy stuff.
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  7. nononsense - I agree, hardware is the prefered option. I was under the impression that the original poster was looking for a software solution since ZA was mentioned, so I answered in that order. I didn't mean to imply that software was better. Sorry if that's the message that I conveyed, that was not the intention.

    As you mentioned, I don't have fw or anti-virus stuff on coding machines. My experiences have been with ZA and Norton, and as you eluded to, they may not be the best. I have not been too pleased with their abilities. Maybe I'll look into your suggestion of Kaspersky. I am not familar with them.

    I've found that with coding machines these types of products are frustrating. Or at least they were a couple of years ago. Since then I have not bothered with them. I admit that I've been rather lax at revisiting the situation. I run Oracle 10g, Netbeans 4.1, Java 5.0, MS VS.Net, MS SQL on these machines. There's a lot of services that run on them, which makes it more painful. (The 10g runs Oracle Spatial on top of it.)

    You are right, I should look at this stuff again. I've just been lazy. :)
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    Anyone had recent experience with Zone Alarm? The Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite 6 looks mighty tasty.

    Just wondering if their latest versions have cleaned up the bugs.

    Any recent users?
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    Running ZA pro 6.1.737 with no problems.

    I've had major probs with Computer assoc. internet security suite, which uses CA branded Zone alarm software for their firewall. They may be damn near identical to the ZA suite? (gotta google for the true relationship between these products).

    The CA suite gives me a BSOD after install/reboot or will get caught in a cycle of perpetual re-boot. A real mess.
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  10. i'm using ZA latest version with no problems.

    you can check your system for vulnerabilities using the "shields up" service at - its very thorough, and you might be surprised at what you have on display to the outside world (and any script kiddie with a port scanner)

    "Shields up" checks your system for inbound threats - open ports, vulnerabilities and exploits - as seen looking at your system from the net.

    be sure to also use their "leak test" check which will test your system for outbound security failures - ie: if your firewall is failing to prevent trojans or spyware sending your private data, logins, passwords, CC numbers etc OUT of your system onto the net.
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