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  1. hello all. i would advise not using the ms update screws up zone alarm for some reason and won't let you access the internet,unless you lower your security levels:)
  2. thank you! today i installed SP3 and a bunch of there updates and my ZA gave the same problem. I was blaming it on SP3, but now will look into this particular update.
  3. uninstalled the idiotic update. ZA is back in business.
  4. shortie,

    Its still worth looking at comodo as a replacement. It will provide you much better security than zonealarm (I'm an old za user but haven't now for some years).
  5. i was using comodo also but every time i wanted to do something i had to grant permission and it got frustrating.
  6. will investigate other firewalls and report back
  7. When did you get this update? I'm not showing it on my system. I have the ZA Suite(2 years now and renewall coming up), and yes it has a few annoying catches, but so did McAfee before it, and holy crap Norton before that turned into a living hell until I dumped it.
  8. I checked out ZA forums and read all about it. At least one person claims MS is working on the fix. I'll for my my MS auto update to pop up and make sure that update doesn't load in the mean time.
    Thanks for the heads up!
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