Zombies coming out of miami

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  1. maybe some kind of African voodoo thingy
  2. Yeah saw that too... let's ask RCG what's up...!??? Is Helter Skelter (Manson scenario... race war) finally upon us...? The black man draws first blood!

    Well maybe I should say... The black man drinks first blood!... :D

    No, but seriously... WTF is going on here...!???? I thought cannibalism was a thing of the past...
  3. JamesL


    They are hungry because there are no jobs and as such, can't afford food.

  4. <img src='http://socialmediaseo.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/miami-zombie-victim-picture-300x300.jpg'>

    Here is the real picture of the victim in the hospital:

    <img src='http://socialmediaseo.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/miami-zombie-picture-224x300.jpg'>

    Here is another picture of the crime scene. Again, another graphic and disgusting picture.
  5. The article says it might have been a new type of street drug that caused him to become a "zombie" So there might be an increased amount of these zombie attacks in the black community.

    It also says it took 6 shots to put him down and the first few shots didnt even phase him. So what we all need to know now is...what part of the body do we need to shoot these zombies to get the kill shot. In the movies, the head is where you have to shoot them, but it looks like police shot this guy in the spine. We need to know this because I dont want to be aiming for the wrong spot when the zombie apocalypse happens. :p
  6. You mean, "Obamaloon voters in November"?