Zombie and End of the World Movies Lately

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  1. wrbtrader


    It's difficult to get away from all the Corona Virus (Covid-19) TV news discussions.

    Yet, I really don't understand with all the panic or fear in the world...why are TV networks and cable channels recently running a lot of Zombie movies and End of the World Movies ?

    Seems very tasteless in my opinion and maybe helping to spread panic / fear.

    Solution is easy...don't watch it and that puts me back on the regular TV channels that are full of real-time Corona Virus alerts. Simply, can not turn that off because I'm dependent upon the local alerts about shut downs, closures and such.

    For example, I got the alert via the TV during the afternoon that my kids schools were closing prior to the schools notifying the parents via email. Thus, I was able to show up early to the school to pick up my kids prior to them boarding the school bus and prior to the crowd of other parents showing up that got their alerts directly from the school via email.

    Another situation, I got my alerts by the TV about the new pharmacy hours and closures of non-essential stores / services. Also, got my alerts via the TV about the hospital cancelling schedule appointments for "none critical" services (e.g. annual physical).

    I actually saw some parents "running" with panic on their faces as if there was an active shooter. Another example, I remember several parents going thru red lights near the school just so that they can get there a minute early.

    Literally within 1 - 2 days after what I saw on the streets...I notice the tone or increasing change in the type of movies on TV. Movies not being run late at night but in the morning, afternoon...basically most of the day.

    Yeah, these are movies I've seen before the past 30 years but to see so many of them in such a very short time span (March) is somewhat strange. Thus, I have not seen so many Zombie movies or End of the World movies in the month of March in comparison to the past.

    Not sure about Netflix because I'm no longer a subscriber as of a few years ago but I would suspect they've too have increased their number of Zombie like movies or End of the World movies.

    If not...congrats to Netflix for not taking advantage of the situation to promote movies like that in the worst possible situation.

    P.S. I'm now worried about the people wearing long trench coats in grocery stores as if they're carrying a weapon underneath. Not sure if they're there to buy groceries, rob the place or preparing for a mass shooting. :(

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  2. Bugenhagen


    People are seeking them so they become prominent.

    A friend organized a marathon watch party of movies where the world actually ends at the end this past weekend. And she is a nurse (also a really amazingly good trader).

    The Walking Dead was already a number 1 show, zInjave never watched it however America has a dark obsession with its destruction. Japan has its endless nuclear monster movies.

    Contagion is good I'm told.
  3. Nobert


    Media is dancing. It's a blossoming spring for it's business. Like home deliveries or those folks who make... Bunkers. :D (tho wouldn't mind having one myself in the future,just for sake of building and designing) And paper ofcourse.

    Yesterday, saw Zombie-land 2. Just for sake of relaxing. Haven't seen a movie , maybe in a month. Lowered my IQ by 30 points temporary. Tho there was few funny episodes.

    Maybe time to rewatch Resident Evil after 10-15 years or break.
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  4. Bugenhagen


    I actually own a 60s/70s built nuclear fallout shelter, pretty big, it is under land I inherited (bought around it also). I even put in a couple of fancy no-TP needed Japanese toilets a couple of years back.

    It has a 12 seat cinema, billiards table, pool of sorts, extensive pipe system for releasing poison gas in the surrounding land above as who really wants to bother shooting the hoards of Russian soldiers? I'd find it hard to imagine a better place to watch end of the world movies.

    I must put it on AirB&B as I'm in South America. You just need to rent a backhoe to open and close the door. Bring your own poison gas.
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  5. Overnight


    Haha, I think at this point the "Red Dawn" scenario is highly unlikely.

    (Although, in the very off-chance it does happen, you have a great setup there to watch the movie safely while the Russians above are poisoned to death.)
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  6. Bugenhagen


    There is also a .50 cal and they can take it from my cold, dead fingers.. (If I were actually in SoCal, I'm never there for any of these things).

    Simpler times. :)
  7. Overnight


    It was way simpler than that just 20 years ago, before 9/11. :-(

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  8. Bugenhagen


    9/11, América's Princess Diana moment when it like the UK, lost its mind and all dignity in the hands of Rupert Murdock populist media... End of the world, big woop.

    I have spent a lot of today firefighting nonsense local expat group covid-19 conspiracies from Americans who could be intelligent but choose not to know better because they have never really been in a situation where they actually needed to use their brains or die. Weaned on imaginary foes. This included half the alleged vets.

    I'll be glad when I get permission from the local authoraty to drive back to the city and help at the hospice. Nobody keeps it real like people with two weeks or less.
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  9. SunTrader


    I got better use of my time than to watch nonsense zombie/end of world movies ... or notice how many are on currently.
  10. Bugenhagen


    Ah, the time of judgement is upon us :)

    Last Night is pretty good, I saw that at the iFC in Dublin with a French girl from work, she got me started on Alfa Romeo cars and the absinthe drip.
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