ZOLT gets contract

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by razor99, May 22, 2007.

  1. razor99


    its much bigger than was anticipated.
  2. Booya! Thanks bro, that volume wasn't just nothing volume....insider trading is rampant it seems lately and I'm finally taking advantage...the lack of selling off at the end of day was also a sign. Wow, the stock is up at $39.50 now...holy shit. :p :D
  3. I was kind of wondering what kind of effect today's rise alone might have on shorts but now it looks like it could induce some big short covering. We'll see tomorrow...all I know is my overpriced(at the time) June Calls are going to double/triple tomorrow probably. :D
  4. It's almost like the naked shorters are now playing the second string. They never used to make mistakes like this. When they nailed something, it went down. The CEO was sleeping w/goats, the inventory was fake, something. Now, Crox, Grow......i'ts like they're rank amateurs.

    I suppose it'll take a bunch of years to get the skinny, but it's interesting as hell. They really are "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight."
  5. not a good investment

    a lto of people will get burned going long on this
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    I have to admit scratching my head on this one too. It's one of the worst stocks I've ever seen among 'buys', contract with VESTA notwithstanding.

    Can someone explain what there is to this stock besides pump and dump momentum?
  7. But they have a contract with Vesta. That's like saying you don't see why anyone would buy Microsoft, their software division notwithstanding, isn't it?

    The company is clearly growing revs and this new contract is great. I'm not staying in long at all...but why the fuck are BIDU and AMZN trading at such stunning PEs?

    This is the stock market...most shit clearly doesn't make sense. Why are a lot of housing related stocks trading within percentages of their 2005/2006 highs when the housing market is in a 1990s kind of mood? :D
  8. OH no! Are you saying the stock.....may....go....DOWN?!?!? NO, it's just not possible!?!?!?! :p
  9. Maybe, but not today.
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