ZNN.V goes down tomorrow

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by kxvid, Jul 30, 2008.

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    Short this crap. Zenn the Canadian car company just got owned by the idiots at EESTOR. EESTOR claims to have made an energy storage unit with far higher energy density than lithium ion batteries, but their latest press release basically says they actually have nothing. The whole thing was probably caused by a physics miscalculation (ive been following this since 2006) and it all came crashing down.

    Zenn owns and equity stake in EESTOR, and the EESTOR story is the only thing driving this stock. Its diluted shares way overvalue the company at 164 million CAD. The company is worth a quarter that, optimistically. My latest call (RBCN) is down >5% since my call, and its still a good short.

    eestor press release

    eestor pump and dump blog

    rubicon tech thread
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    Hello profit down 1.96% :) :) :) :)
    RBCN down 2.54% today also:D
  3. kxvid


    $4.16 down 8% today. Still a good short people. This company is gonna go bankrupt, and then to jail, they have zero credibility. Oh and can someone with interactive brokers check if this stock is shortable?
  4. IB does not have it available as a short.