ZNGA going under?

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  1. Anyone analyzed the fundamentals of that company?

    If they happen to go under in the next couple years I may launch another social gaming company for fun.

    The copycatting in the industry is frigging annoying as hell... Zynga also has a lot of the best talent locked up by their monopoly which is problematic. I hope EA puts them down.
  2. The reason for the low fundamentals -people are betting on future earnings, not current ones. :)
  3. it was a pump and dump.. and they did well with it if you ask me.. its turned abunch of kids into billionares... it will be disassembled.. or they will figure a way out of the whole.. i don't think they will go under..
  4. Pekelo


    The copycatting in ANY industry is annoying as hell...

    By the way, didn't you just say you might lunch a similar company? That wouldn't be copycatting, right???

    The irony is killing me... :)
  5. Talk out of both sides of your mouth much?
  6. on the reall... does anyone here know anything about their fundimentals... or what their future looks like as far as competition.. has any one done any detailed research?
  7. Dude it's called google, yahoo finance and seeking alpha. Try it sometime.
  8. Dude...
  9. On the reall...
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