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    I am having trouble figuring out the difference between ZN and TY. I am switching brokers in the future and have traded ZN, but the new broker only carries TY.

    TY is open outcry, but it still trades electronically. Does this mean some shmuck in the pit is executing my order with hand signals? I'm only interested in trading completely electronically like I did with ZN.
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    TY is pit traded
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    So that means my execution times are out the window? :(
  4. Actually, different brokerages and data feeds will use the two symbols inter-changeably.

    You should always check with your broker/data provider about things like this rather than just solicit information on the Board.

    And remember, if they can't satisify your business needs, just go someplace else.
  5. Most broker's offer the ZN, the GLOBEX traded 10 YR, I am going to assume your broker calls the ZN TY. I find it hard to believe any broker these days does not offer GLOBEX 10 YR.

    What broker are you considering, and wouldn't you ask them directly vs a room full of Mooks here?
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    Tradestation and I got some account rep whom I don't think knows her shit.

    I also find it hard to believe I wouldn't be able to trade the Globex version. I mean, I can do that on ToS ffs and now Ameritrade owns them. Ameritrade. How can you do something worse than Ameritrade as a brokerage?
  7. TradeStation calls The Globex ZN TY, 100% sure!

    You could have gotten this right of their platform/website.
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    If I could've gotten it off the website I wouldn't have bothered a rep. Where did you find it?

  9. I looked at the Performance bond requirements, and using "common sense" I knew TY was GLOBEX, TS would not offer a "PIT" traded contract only in the 10YR.

    Just stick to the SIM account bro, and nobody gets hurt here.
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    Then why didn't the rep clear up that ZN = TY?

    I can't find whatever you're talking about.
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