ZN - Globex or eCBOT?

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  1. hello, sorry for starting a new thread about this...but my data feed provider says ZN is under eCBOT and my broker says its under Globex? i looked that cme website and it doesn't have ZN...i am little confused....i just to know what exchange it is on? did it migrate to CME?
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  3. thanx surdo!

    and for the data provider - should i be subscribing to CME globex or eCBOT?
  4. ZN trades on Globex, but is on the CBOT data feed.

    The CME Group still has separate charges for CME and CBOT data feeds. Where the contract trades (Globex) is separate from the data feed you are charged for (CBOT).
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  6. thank you so much for that information jeb9999...it was so funny today - my broker says one exchange and my data feed provider says the other exchange.
  7. Yeah, it's the same company now so they should combine it and pass along the "savings" to us! What's up with that? At least Globex appears more stable than eCBOT so far.
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    What's up Dollars?

    The CME GROUP are criminals with these data fees!

    Any idea what an electronic eCBOT membership costs, I am paying out the wazoo in commish and am thinking of alternatives.

    I wonder what the cost of a lease is, and what volume is required for it to make sense.

    good trading!

  9. Hey Surdo,

    Same here... an otherwise profitable day can end up a net loser because of commissions!

    I'm not ready for membership just yet but hopefully some day I'll get there. Right now I need a few more dollars and a bit more sense.

    Here are some links you might find helpful:


    "Membership as an ecbot member firm requires the lease of a B-1 (Full) or B-2 (Associate) membership."


    "Owning a membership allows you to trade the various products listed for trading whether on the floor of the exchange as well as on our electronic trading system."

    B-2(Associate) Bid $160,000 Ask $223,000 Last $180,000 04/14/08

    B-2(Associate) Lease $856.00 currently


    "Fees for clearing and trading CME Group products vary according to whether the customer has a legacy CME or legacy CBOT clearing membership and/or exchange membership. Fees also vary by product and volume traded, and whether the product is traded on the trading floor or electronically on the CME Globex platform. "

    These links from my broker might also be of interest...



    Good luck with it.. let me know how it goes if you do!