ZKIN water pipe company making blockchain play

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    Hi Guys, I've been buying up this penny stock on news of their move into blockchain, this SA article is no longer public https://seekingalpha.com/article/43...hain-play-for-iot-and-supply-chain-management

    This is https://www.prnewswire.com/news-rel...n-engineer-to-join-xsigma-defi-301196754.html But the SA article is good, you can find others why the stock is off it's lows. This company literally has a negative PE ratio, and now they are into Blockchain. It's in China, that's the big drawback.. but it doesn't make them guilty by association.

    I'm not really a stock trader I'm just interested in this same way I liked OSTK 3 years ago and made 100%+ but had to wait several years. What do you more professional traders think?
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    Neither i am professional.

    Hey, hmnn,

    a pink sheet, from china, that used to make pipes & now plans to move into crypto ?

    Something doesn't sound right here.

    When those regulations from SEC(?) kicks in (about the ballance sheet etc. of the last 3 years)

    this is what might happen with them :
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  3. nitrene


    Why waste your time with these marginal plays on Bitcoin? Just buy the crypto mining companies themselves for a direct play.


    HVBTF is mainly an Ethereum miner while Marathon & Riot are mainly Bitcoin miners. They are down about 20-30% from the recent highs I assume on the SEC regulation of XRP.

    From recent price action it appears that Marathon (MARA) is the best of the three.
  4. Pekelo


    Are they going to pour cryptos down the drain? Alright, I will see myself out now....