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Discussion in 'Trading' started by silk, Feb 24, 2003.

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    The agony continues. I hold posiitons all day hoping that they will move out of their 25 cent range (and these are $50-$75 NYSE stocks) and they don't. I short stocks that are clearly weak, but they just don't move down much, or up for that matter.

    All i can say is that it will continue to be like this until it isn't.

    Action or lack of action is contagioius. No one going to trade when they are trading with themselves. So we are stuck in this rutt until we get out of it.

    I'm confident it will get better. Just don't know when.

    We don't need an up market to make money, but we do need trading activity!! Last year was a good year for trading in my opinion, most months at least. I think that trading is probably better in bear markets than in bulls.

    There should be iraq resolution in 2-3 weeks. War no later than beginning of April. Hopefully thats as long as we have to wait.

    My screen is amazing during the middle of the day now. Everyday is like a preholday trading session.
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    I've always thought that day traders feed on those who are making decisions based on a longer time frame. "REAL" buyers and sellers in a name. There are none of these right now. Just arbs bouncing shares off one another.
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    Its time to stick Saddam in a dog cage and lock him in the basement of the White House.

    Lets get it over with - and I'm sure every soldier, marine, airman and sailor is thinking the same thing.
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    Maybe the institutions are out on strike sending the govt a little message...

    (note...I am not a hawk. But I'd like the govt to get off it's ass and do SOMETHING so I can make plans.)
  5. Its like one long wednesday afternoon in August, except its lasted for close to two months.
  6. Sickening ...
  7. MVP


    and after the war the money is going to be invested outside the US.

    with the deficit looming after the war HOW can US companies make up for the lack of government spending?

    US stock markets will suffer and trading will suffer for years.
  8. I've got conflicted emotions. I think the war is a bad idea but untill there is resolution, which will probably be acheived only by war, I'm not trading.


    "Conservation may be a sign of personal virtue, but it is not a sufficient basis all by itself for a sound,
    comprehensive energy policy."

    Vice President Dick Cheney, 2001 April 30
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    I know, I've been selling premium this whole time haven't you? :D
  10. Don't know what you're talking about, I've made more this last two weeks than the last 5 years combined. Candy.

    Just a wet dream, this market blows.
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