Zionists and top Freemasons

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  1. Most of the top people in the Dept of Homeland (in)Security are Israeli-firsters/dual citizens. But they care about our freedom LOL
  2. The puny secrets are those which must be protected.
    The big secrets are protected by public incredulity.

    The Christian public would find it incredible that
    the very first sentence in the Bible is false.
    And hereby they protect a secret:
    Our Father did not make this world.

    The Bible and the Kaballa are two different words for the same thing:
    A mythological explanation for the origin of this world,
    and how it comes that man finds a place in it.
    Closely associated with such myth are the powers ascribed to the interested parties,
    who are all concerned about the "battle for survival".
    In the case of man, he has the power to have dominion over the earth.
    Magic delineates the players powers, and empowers him per a set of instructions.

    In the Bible, man gains power by following a set of instructions.
    These instructions put him in the favor of a Chief Magi,
    who grants their swords magical powers,
    enabling them to have dominion over an allotment of mythical land.
    With the Kaballa, this formula replays itself.
    Deliniated sets of instructions give man the magic to dominate both small and vast tracts of mythical land.
    With sword it is called "government".
    Otherwise it's called "manifest destiny" or, "manifestation".

    In man's quest to dominate the earth,
    it is forgotten that the earth is a myth,
    and so is man.
    Our Father did not make man nor his myths.

  3. No one cares about your freedom, are you a naive little child, what the fuck is wrong with people, they trust almost everyone and everything.

    When someone doesn't trust republicans he trusts democrats, when one doesn't trust the devil he trusts god, what the fuck, people just don't want to take responsibility for their own lives, they want others to take care of everything.

    Of coarse when you let others do your stuff, they will do it their own way, they will rob you, but when you try to even save up for your children and future life (with your own hard earned money), they will take it all away, by labelling you with a stupid crime, or through their various legal scams.

    People eventually get what they deserve, and stupid people deserve the worst.
  4. To: Not so Sharp One

    ever hear of sarcasm?
  5. it's obvious, you can even see the LOL at the end of the statement, I was speaking more about the people who do trust, not the person I quoted, it's pretty clear, but I was also talking to him too, because his statement is as if only they are not trustable, when in reality almost no one is