Zion Williamson

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    LSU offered him as a tight end...never played football. 6'7" 285 and soars.
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    Yes, he definitely does soar. I'd bet the 6'7 listing is a bit generous, but that Duke team is just dismantling the competition. They beat Kentucky like a rented mule.

    On the other hand, don't get me started on how a prestigious school like Duke is now running a one and done factory for basketball stars.
  4. I can see that but certainly more lucrative career in NBA with his skills. Coach K just has to teach him to shoot a mid-range jumper over the next 4 months to lock him in for #1 pick. He is not going to be able to jump over children and drive past boys when he gets to the NBA and faces men. NBA is now changed and he will need to score as much from outside the key like Embiid and Anthony Davis are doing.
  5. I think Coach K realized the new era and went with the if you cannot beat them join them.... He turned a few years ago and realizes the rewards. He knows he has him for 4 months so will do all he can and send him on his way. Any Seniors/Juniors on these teams are basically practice dummies ha ha.
  6. It is not human how light on his feet he is and how springy. In warmups he did the Michael Jordan from the free throw line dunk and this dude is 285 lbs...