Zinc mining stocks...

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  1. Anyone know any?
  2. I only know the Australian ones Zinifex (ZFX:AX) and Kagara (KZL:AX)

    I personally wouldn't touch them. Have you seen the zinc charts on kitco metals?

    ...Look out below!!!!....
  3. Thanks..not looking to load the boat...just wanting to pick...
  4. From memory there is also a couple of Chinese and a few Russian ones....but would you trust your money or short position with 1/ Australians, 2/ the Communists, or 3/The Russian Mafia?

    Then there is THAT Canadian one.....Teck Cominco

    The new CEO of Zinifex (7% yield!) Michelmore used to be with WMC (Western Mining Corp.) He is a top CEO. Seems like good appointment.

    Hedge Funds have been unceremoniously dumping their base metals positions lately.

    Incidently there is a base metals ETF:- DBB:AMEX.

    Best of luck!
  5. I'll throw you a bone, albeit a diversified major:

    Xstrata (XTA.L)

    Are you the guy who asked if there were any active markets outside US trading hours?

    Man, you are laaaaaaaaaaaazy.

  6. plugger


    Hudbay Minerals on the TSX, symbol HBM. A very large producer. Breakwater Resources on the TSX, BWR.

    Both stocks have come off quite nicely already.
  7. hehe...I didn't ask if there were any active markets...I asked what the most liquid were...But I've solved that problem, thank you very much....
    And thanks for the stock...I'm not much of a stock purchaser, but noting that zinc prices have fallen 50% in the last year, thinking that there may be some companies that have fallen harder, and it may be a good time to nibble for the son's retirement account...