Zimmerman's Neighbor-Hood.

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  1. George Zimmerman's Sanford, Fla., neighbor, said the neighborhood watchman protected his residence from a potential burglary several weeks before the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

    Frank Taaffe, a former neighborhood watch captain, told CNN's "Starting Point" that his house was in the process of being robbed on Feb. 2, but Zimmerman called Sanford police, who thwarted the robbery.

    "My house was being robbed, and George on his nightly rounds watched this burglary in progress, called Sanford P.D., waited for them, and helped ensure that nothing bad happened to my house," Taaffe said. "And it's documented in the 911 call for February 2. That was my residence that George Zimmerman helped stop." Zimmerman shot and killed Martin on Feb. 26.
    "Neighbor-hood, that's a great word," Taaffe said.

    Taaffe said that "young black males" were the perpetrators in the attempted robbery of his home. "We had eight burglaries in our neighborhood all perpetrated by young black males in the 15 months prior to Trayvon being shot," Taaffe said. "It would have been mine."

    When asked if, based on the string of robberies, Zimmerman should have been profiling Trayvon Martin the night of the shooting, Taaffe said: "There's an old saying, 'If you plant corn, you get corn,'"

    "It is what it is," he added. "I would go on record by stating that of the eight prior burglaries in the 15 months prior to the Trayvon Martin shooting, all of the perpetrators were young black males."

  4. Anyone taking bets if there'll be any more robberies and break in in Zimmermans neighborhood?
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    The police will hear the white latino neighborhood watch man story ONLY. The young white man is dead. So the police will believe his story ONLY, and no charges? Or will the neighborhood watch man have to PROVE he tell the truth? Will he have charges, THEN have to prove what he say is true to take away the charges?
  7. How were the perps of the last 8 robberies dressed. Mhnn, it would be interesting to know this fact.

    If anyone of the other 8 perps wore a hoodie we have a "profile".
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    Peil, don't waste your time with trendlover, he's as dense as lead.
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    And, if they were eating skiddles durning the robberies I'd say so!
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    911 call George Zimmerman say yes he follow him.

    Trayvon is talking to his girlfriend on the phone and she say she hear Trayvon talking to this man, and she say she hear Trayvon ask the man why he follow him.

    On the 911 call George Zimmerman tell the 911 where he is, for the police to meet with him. He tell them he is near the mailbox and they will see his truck. But they find Trayvon dead body in the back of the houses, on the grass.
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