Zimmerman's Bloody Head

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Apr 20, 2012.

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  2. I just read the story and this does lend some good cred to Zimmermans side of the story. However, the media has done a very good job of poisoning the well so the CT'er's won't buy it.
    Seems pretty obvious at this point that there was a close combat fight prior to the shooting.
  3. I have Zimmerman's bail hearing on in the background while coding. It is interesting that his lawyer is basically putting the case on trial and questioning police officials about the entire incident while showing a diagram of the shooting scene. This is unusual for a bail hearing in my opinion.
  4. I feel more sorry for Zimmerman than the Martins actually. The poor bastard is out monitoring in the best interests of the good people in his neighborhood that were suffering breakins and he becomes a target for the racism industry..

    Notice how the news refers to the black as "trayvon" but refers to the hispanic by his last name? Cold hearted, calculating stuff coming out of the MSM baby, it's all about the power and let the little guys be damned...
  5. This photo taken three minutes after the shooting will be very helpful in boostering Zimmerman's defense.
  6. Wow. Listening to this hearing, it is appearing that the Sanford police did not do any significant investigation for the first few weeks after the shooting. Proper investigation was only done after the FDLE took over the case.

    Other note: The officer on the stand just stated that there is video of Trayvon Martin buying skittles and the drink at the 7-11, and Trayvon did not steal the items (as some people have tried to claim).

    Lot's of information coming out in this hearing....
  7. Brass


    Possibly. But there still remain a few inconsistencies that need to be ironed out to get a better picture. Such as there apparently not being any of Martin's blood on Zimmerman despite Martin allegedy being on top of Zimmerman when the gun went off point blank. Also, the witness who allegedly saw the ground fight occur on grass rather than the pavement that Zimmerman alleges. Then there is the eyewitness account that the person on top got up after the gun shot. So it would appear that someone was fabricating their story. Add to that the fact that the photo of Zimmerman's bloody head was taken a reported 3 minutes after the fact. Although I am not saying he did so, it is not impossible that the defendant took some initiative in creating evidence after the fact, during a brief window of opportunity, to support his version of events. Again, I'm not suggesting he did so, but the possibility exists, and there would certainly be the motivation to do so IF any other aspect of his story was fabricated. Hopefully, a true and consistent accounting of events, whatever they may be, will come to light in due course.
  8. Well... there you go...!

    I also don't get the prosecution's angle on this...?

    Are they trying to convict Zimmerman on what ifs now...? If he hadn't followed Martin then then the shooting wouldn't have taken place...!

    That doesn't make any sense to me...

    If the fight hadn't happened then the shooting wouldn't have happened. Nevertheless... They're determined to convict him no matter what...

    This is a legal lynching by blacks on Zimmerman...!
  9. Habeas corpus... Meaning to literally have the body... or lack of evidence...

    So... If Trayvon Martin has 5 bullet holes in his back... Well then Zimmerman is guilty... If he has wounds from close up in line with the story then Zimmerman is innocent...
  10. Yes, the apparent lack of Martins blood on Zimmerman is problematic for him, IF the eyewitness accounts are true.
    If you look closely you can see what appears to be an open wound on the back of Z's head, so it's highly unlikely would be able to create such an event such as slamming his own head into the concrete at such an angle.
    There is still much forensic evidence which we have not seen. I still say that evidence will tell the tale.

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