Zimmerman's bail set at $1M in Trayvon Martin case

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  1. Ok that's your opinion. I think Zimmerman should get something for sort of being over zealous and following the kid around.. but IF his story is proven true to a jury, then he is NOT GUILTY of murder.

    And what really bit everyone's ass was the reaction of the media, the black leadership, the PRESIDENT, the AG, the black pansies, and a large part of the black community. It was racist bullshit all on its own, they put this guy and his family in danger, and provoked racial tensions.. THEY MADE IT ABOUT RACE.
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    Zimmerman claims Martin confronted him after the neighborhood watch leader had given up searching for him and was walking back to his truck. But there doesn't appear to be a place to hide in the area where Zimmerman says Martin suddenly appeared, Hill pointed out.

    Zimmerman's injuries also don't appear to be consistent with the severity of the attack he described, Hill said.

    Attorney Blaine McChesney said he found parts of Zimmerman's re-enactment difficult to envision, such as his account of how he was able to reach for his gun with Martin on top of him. Zimmerman said he got on top of Martin after the shooting to restrain him.

    "I also find it strange that Zimmerman would have attempted to use both his arms to hold Martin facedown, re-holstering his firearm, given those circumstances," McChesney said. "Once out from under Martin's alleged attack, it would have been more logical to hold Martin at gunpoint from a few feet away until police arrived."

    In one of the audio recordings, Sereno tells Zimmerman three days after the shooting that Martin was a "good kid, mild-mannered kid."

    Sereno tells Zimmerman that Martin, an athlete with an interest in aeronautics, was "a kid with a future, a kid with folks that care." The detective said Martin only had a bag of Skittles and an iced tea on him when he died.

    "Not a goon," Sereno said.

    He asked Zimmerman to explain why he doesn't have bruises on his body or broken ribs. The two dozen punches Zimmerman claims he took are "not quite consistent with your injuries," Sereno said
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  5. Well, the facts again tell a far different story than what this idiot detective was saying ina transparent attempt to guilt trip zimmerman.

    Nartin was hardly a "good kid." He was on suspension from school, he had been caught red-handed defacing school property, plus he had burglary tools on him and some stuff he couldn't explain where it came from. His various tweets, etc paint a picture of a budding thug, not a good kid.

    As for Zimmerman's injuries, he had a medical evaluation and it showed a broken nose and head injuries. In short, his injuries were totally consistent with his story. Again, the detective was trying to shake Zimmerman's story, not stating facts. You are making a big mistake to assume that what Serino says is true. It clearly wasn't.

    I am not aware of the presice details of the shooting. I assumed it occurred during the struggle for the gun. You seem to be suggesting Zimmerman had Martin under control and just shot him for the hell of it. I am not aware of any evidence that supports that.
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    Trendlover isn't interested in facts. For whatever reason she badly wants this killing to be attributed to a white racist American murdering an innocent African American student with an evil handgun. Nevermind that Zimmerman is hispanic or that he was attacked and assaulted with murderous intent by a thug-in-training.
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    You are wrong and you imagine too much.

    Quote from AAAintheBeltway:

    The short answer is that Zimmerman was apparently returning to his SUV when the kid jumped him.

    Obviously he was following him because he was a black teen who he didn't recognize, wandering around a restricted area. Some would call that racism, others would say it reflects reality. From the fact that Zimmerman was a frequent caller to 911 for a number of fairly minor issues, it is speculation tosay he wouldn't have done the same thing if it had been an unfamiliar white teen.

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    I read this post many times to understand what you are talking about. So I ask my friend to read this post for me.
    He say this in not reason to kill that boy. If Trayvon is walking to his father's home, and NO PROOF of crime by Trayvon when he is going home, then Trayvon have RIGHTS to not be followed by George Zimmerman. My friend say George Zimmerman is not police. He say Trayvon have RIGHTS to feel afraid if someone follow him. He say Trayvon can not see George Zimmerman in police car or George Zimmerman in police clothes.
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  9. You are not thinking who is really the person angry. Trayvon is walking home only. He have no gun, no "burglar tool" He is talking on the phone with his girlfriend before he die. He is not angry in that night. He is not want to steal from the community. He is only walking home with no gun and no burglary tool. But George Zimmerman is angry. He tell the 911 "These asshole always get away" "Fucking goons" George Zimmerman imagine Trayvon is criminal. He is angry and he judge with no proof. This is WRONG.
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  10. Listen to Frank Taaffe on the interview. He is saying black males are in the neighborhood before and try to steal. So I think is true that George Zimmerman is not racist, but he see Trayvon is black male, then he (imagine) Trayvon is the criminal because before the black males are guilty in the neighborhood. Then he follow Trayvon and something happens when they come together. But Trayvon is not doing crime when George see him. And George Zimmerman judge him guilty "These fucking assholes always get away" Fucking goons"
    I think this is very wrong.

    The youtube will change to English language if you wait and listen.

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