Zimmerman's bail set at $1M in Trayvon Martin case

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    If he didn't already spend all his defense donations he should be able to meet the $100k needed to make bail.

    When's that "stand your ground" hearing supposed to take place?
  2. Clearly a violation of his 8th Ammendment rights, especially considering a electronic monitoring/tracking device prevent's any possibility of him fleeing. Obviously the corrupt judge is caving to the media.
  3. I'm sure lying to the court about finances and possibly plotting to flee the country had nothing to do with it
  4. If there was any evidence of substance about him plotting to flee he would be held without any bail at all. Another made up story with zero evidence to back it up. "Possibly" only means something if you're bias, which the judge obviously is.
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    Wondering that myself. Maybe it is up to his defense attorney to file a motion for it. He will probably file a motion for dismisal based on the SYG law, and it will more than likely be denied and the trial will start.

  6. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articl...man-hid-second-passport-lied-about-money.html

    Prosecutors Say Zimmerman Hid Second Passport, Lied About Money

    In a packed Florida courtroom in April, George Zimmerman’s defense lawyer surrendered his client’s passport—a gesture to show that Zimmerman would not attempt to flee the country if he were released on bond.

    It now appears that Zimmerman had another passport he didn’t hand over.

    According to startling new disclosures by prosecutors in the case , the state attorney’s office says Zimmerman failed to give the court another valid American passport he had obtained in 2004.

    Prosecutors said Zimmerman got his second passport after claiming he’d lost his original one, which expired at the end of May 2012. It was that original passport which he turned over to the court; the second passport, which is valid until 2014, remained in his possession.

  7. Maybe it was just a coincidence Zimmermen gave the court his passport that expired in May 2012 and kept his passport that expired in 2014
  8. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    "Prosecutors had filed a motion today to revoke his bond, accusing Zimmerman of "deceiving" the court about his finances, even going so far as to discuss it in code words with his wife, and his possession of a second passport, which he apparently acquired two weeks after the shooting."


    "In the conversations, prosecutors said, Zimmerman and his wife also cryptically talk about his second passport in a safety deposit box they shared.

    Although one of his passports was due to expire in May, prosecutors said today, Zimmerman applied for a second passport, informing the State Department that the original had been lost or stolen."

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    Why not just drop all charges?

    The guy clearly acted in self defense and removed a violent, drug using, criminal off the streets.

    Just think of all the future tax dollars that Zimmerman saved by sparing us the burden of putting Martin through the penal system.
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