Zimmerman Trial Judge In On The Fix?

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    Something isn't right with this trial. Pardon the source but facts are facts.

    Speculation is raging that the judge in the George Zimmerman case could have been put under pressure by the Obama administration after she staged a bizarre outburst during which she interrogated Zimmerman while repeatedly silencing his lawyers.

    The hostile exchange began when Judge Debra Nelson asked Zimmerman if he planned to testify.

    Essentially, Judge Nelson told Zimmerman he had the “absolute right to remain silent” but then proceeded to demand he answer her questions interrogation-style while silencing his lawyers.

    Defense attorney Don West twice objected to Nelson’s interrogation, prompting the judge to raised her voice and exclaim, “Your objection is overruled!” in a manner more befitting of an angry parent lecturing a child than a legal professional.

    Both of Zimmerman’s lawyers appeared shocked as attorney Mark O’Mara asked under his breath, “what is going on?”

    Several legal experts and observers said the outburst was unprecedented.

    “I have never seen that in more than 30 years of court reporting,” tweeted journalist Kathi Belich.

    Former Senatorial candidate Richard Rivette also expressed his shock at the judge’s behavior.

    “This judge is an idiot. I spent five years investigating high profile capital cases defending people from the death penalty, and worked for the Federal judiciary as an independent investigator on other cases. No judge ever inquires as to whether a defendant will testify until the entire defense case is presented. If the defense rests and does not call the defendant then the judge knows there will be no testimony. If the defense calls the defendant then that’s when the judge finds out. They have to get through the entire case first. To see if it is valid after prosecution cross-examines their witnesses and experts as to whether a defendant SHOULD testify, which is decided in private not in public, and NOT on the record. By doing this, the judge has undermined a portion of Zimmerman’s credibility. He looks like he is waffling and this is normal judge/defendant questioning, which it is NOT,” said Rivette.

    Respondents to the story at the National Review Online also expressed their view that Zimmerman was being railroaded.

    “A fix is in from the administration to find Zimmerman guilty regardless of what it takes,” commented one.

    “By demanding that Zimmerman respond to a question, after she has assured him that he has the right to remain silent, she is undermining his right to remain silent and making it appear as though he and his attorneys are not firm in their convictions. This judge is shameless,” added another.

    Judge Nelson also ruled this week that Trayvon Martin’s text messages, which showed that Martin had been involved in fights before and was trying to buy or sell a gun, cannot be shown to the jury, which some suggested was another indication of an anti-Zimmerman bias.

    Nelson also granted a request by prosecutors to block the defense’s attempt to show the jury a computer-animated depiction of the fight between Martin and Zimmerman.

    She is also likely to allow the jury to consider lesser charges against Zimmerman in light of the prosecution’s probable failure to prove its case for second-degree murder, another indication that the state is desperate to avoid him walking free.

    Judge Nelson has been very careful at every stage of the trial to dismiss evidence or testimony that could convince the jury in favor of acquitting Zimmerman.

    Now some are asking the question – did Nelson’s aggressive outburst represent an attempt to prejudice the jury against Zimmerman?

    Given the likelihood that Zimmerman will be acquitted, has Judge Nelson been put under pressure by the federal government to aggressively advocate for the prosecution, just as Supreme Court Justice John Roberts was apparently pressured to vote to uphold Obamacare?

    Ever since President Barack Obama personally inserted himself into the controversy by declaring Trayvon Martin to be akin to the son he never had, higher-ups have constantly meddled in the case in an effort to secure a murder charge for a scenario that Zimmerman would not normally have even been arrested for under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.

    Indeed, ex-Sanford police chief Bill Lee told CNN yesterday that “he felt pressure from city officials to arrest Zimmerman to placate the public rather than as a matter of justice,” and that his investigation “provided no probable cause to arrest Zimmerman at the scene.”

    It also emerged this week that the federal government encouraged and funded last year’s protests demanding the arrest of Zimmerman via the Community Relations Service, a division of the Department of Justice. Documents obtained by Judicial Watch show that the CRS was “deployed to Sanford, FL, following the Trayvon Martin shooting to help organize and manage rallies and protests against George Zimmerman,” spending millions of dollars in the process.

    Given the plethora of threats by Trayvon supporters to stage violent riots if Zimmerman is acquitted, could Nelson be under pressure to secure a charge of at least manslaughter in order to avoid nationwide civil disorder?

    If that’s the case, her apparent effort to prejudice the jury clearly suggests that a mistrial has taken place.

  2. Lucrum


    So now it looks like both the prosecutor and the judge should be disbarred charged convicted and imprisoned. Naturally neither will happen so long as our AG is as inept and corrupt as they are.
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    Yes, the prosecutor should be in deep shit for even bringing this case. The judge thinks she's a God, and it shows. What pspr posted may be right. Maybe the Onazi gestapo got to her.:mad:

    None the less, nothing will happen to these low life's as they're "protecting" black Americans from those evil white people (hispanics in this case), who are just dying to run right out and kill them.:mad:

    I've got Family coming here this weekend, and told one on the phone earlier, "if George is found guilty of ANYTHING, we'll have to carry water pistols and a whistle for black aggressors, and handguns for aggressors of any other race."

    It's PAINFULLY obvious blacks can do damned near whatever they want these days, and are most certainly a coddled, protected class. What an absolute disaster this pc country's in!:( :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    This manslaughter charge is going to be worth sweating over for Zimmerman. The penalty can be just as long in Florida as Murder 2.

    It looks like some of the women on the jury teared up over the pics of dead Trayvon. I didn't hear that any pumped their fist in the air and said, "Yeah!" :D

    Seriously, they could find manslaughter as a compromise decision in spite of the facts that are obvious it was self defense.
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    A distinct possibility.
  6. Max E.

    Max E.

    Its brutal that they can bring in manslaughter as an alternative, after trying someone for something harsher, because in the minds of a juror now they know it wasnt murder 2 but at the same time they think george zimmerman was in the wrong to some extent that night as well, so in their mind they are compromising giving manslaughter regardless of whether or not the prosecution actually proved manslaughter.

    Plus these morons with the prosecution were actually trying to bring in child abuse as one of the other charges the jury could give to zimmerman, zimmermans lawyer lost it when they brought that up as it was apparent at that point, after failing to prove anything, in a trial where the prosecution got killed, they were willing to settle for whatever vcharges they could get.

    When you allow the prosecution to lower the charge after the trial, you are essentially giving them a mulligan, if they do good, keep the charges if they do bad lower it a little, way too much power in the hands of an overzealous prosecutor.

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    I thought they were going to throw jay walking at him, too, for getting out of his truck and crossing the street in the middle of the block!!!
  8. LEAPup


    It's purely malicious prosecution, and anyone knowledge of the law knows it. Even if they get a manslaughter out of this, the appellate court should hear the case. After they're done blasting these prosecutor thugs and this rogue judge, I'm sure they'll overturn that verdict. After that, maybe the state bar may want to take a look at just how maliciously these bad actors behaved to get their win, and to be pc.
  9. Lucrum


    Assuming the appellate court's judges are not just as corrupt/biased/incompetent.

    I wonder what Judge Debra Nelson was offered, a federal judgeship maybe?
  10. I think the mulligan is a great analogy max. they had NO fucking case and now they get a do over. This guy West has been arguing with the judge almost every day that i saw but he backs down so he doesn't make zimmerman look bad in front of the jury.. but lol he fucking shit on her and that fat whore angela corey today and they deserve it. If zimmerman gets convicted of the lesser charge I hope these defense attorneys dig for dirt.

    Jem, you're a lawyer right, is this typical? To me it seems like bullshit to not have any facts of the case change and then get to press new charges.
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