Zimmerman - NOT GUILTY!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. pspr


    At least it resolved itself in the correct way. Let the riots begin.
  2. gwb-trading


    My kids are all out tonight. I just sent the beware of riots text to all of them.
  3. pspr


    It will take a day or so for the riots to start if they ever do.

    They are showing some black guy at the courthouse throwing a tantrum right now. The other Trayvon supporters look stunned.
  4. After I heard the verdict, I actually felt high. Kind of weird to feel that happy over someone elses life.
  5. Are you celebrating PSPR?
    You should go to a nearby mall and suck a security guards dick.
    Make sure he's half brown too.
    Report back to us what you see out on the street.

    Guarantee - riots will be breaking out on Elite Trader.
  6. pspr


    There isn't anything to celebrate other than the fact that an innocent man's life wasn't totally ruined by the racists.

    I'm sure in your little fucking mind you don't understand that justice has prevailed.

    Go out and riot. You are nothing but an amoral asshole anyway.
  7. gwb-trading


    The bottom line is there are no winners in this entire situation. I find there is nothing to celebrate, and only hope that everyone peacefully accepts the verdict.

  8. George is free.
    A menace to society was stopped before he did any real damage.
    Trayvons Parents are now millionaires thanks to this incident.

    Sounds like a lot of winners to me.
  9. I don't give a fuck. Guilty. Not guilty. Chain him up by his balls or give him a TV movie. Don't care. Won't change my life. Not interested.
    You, On the other hand, are like a schoolgirl with the latest People magazine getting moist about the next heartthrob.

    Haha. You are such a pussy.
  10. Excellent.

    The people have stood up to the Obamic tyranny.
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