Zimmerman needs your money

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  1. George Zimmerman Spent His Trayvon Kickstarter, So His Lawyers Want You to Pay Them


    The message appears to be from Zimmerman's legal team, which promises that lead attorney Mark O'Mara and his team "have not been paid a cent for their services," even though the note does add that "some staffers work for far less than they deserve." Still, this would mean that since January 2, Zimmerman has spent a lot on a defense that has done little more legal good than court prep work and the mounting of a public smear campaign that's not even admissible in court: According to the GZ Defense Fund site, donations totaled $314,099.07 as of January 2; according to The Orlando Sentinel, Zimmerman's backers raised another $54,000 between January 2 and March 7, after putting out a call for more money on January 30. The donations, as the website stated in a January update, went toward expenses like Zimmerman's bail bond ($95,000), living expenses ($61,747.54), and security ($56,100.00). As for his legal team, the site states that $40,647.64 went to "law firm support and infrastructure" and $35,588.07 went to "case-related expenses." Yes, George Zimmerman's case is expensive, and his supporters have footed the pricey bill.
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    Thank you for the info, i just sent them a payment, nothing irks me more than the government screwing someone who is innocent.
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  4. LOL you go boy, I'm sure with all the big hitters on this site his legal fees will be taken care of by morning.
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    Bigarrow, can you care to explain why your have such a big stick up your ass for this case? Honesty is always appreciated but you can make it up if it makes you feel better. I'm just really curious.
  6. fuck off maverick
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  8. LOL funny shit there lucrum, considering the wackos who vote that's a compliment.
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    Self delusion, is that another symptom of being bipolar? Or just stupid?
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    I was just asking a simple question. I guess the honesty thing rubbed you the wrong way. Hence why I gave you the out of simply lying. I guess you went for the ad hominem.
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