Zimmerman Medical Report Shows Broken Nose, Lacerations After Trayvon Martin Shooting

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  2. Wah, Wah, Wah... Race Baiting Attorney, Benjamin Crump, claims that "Zimmerman medical report leaked to boost case". It's perfrectly OK for the Martin family to leak all sorts of information that casts Zimmerman in a negative light, but just leak one little medical report that shows that Zimmerman has a solid groundwork for a self-defense case and the race hustlers get all upset.

    Lawyer says Zimmerman medical report leaked to boost case
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    They're not paid to seek the truth. Just promote their side for Trayvon's parents. We should be getting more info on the prosecution's evidence since it has already been given to the defense.

    I wonder when the "stand your ground" hearing will be held?
  4. "One witness said a police investigator twice declined her offer to show him the close and unobstructed vantage point from a partly opened bedroom window where she had watched and heard the struggle between Mr. Martin and Mr. Zimmerman. The witness, who agreed to be interviewed on the condition she remain anonymous because the investigation is active, said the detective taped part of her account.

    She also recalled telling him that night that she was haunted by the cries for help she believed came from Mr. Martin during the struggle. But she said the investigator seemed to have already formed an opinion about what had happened. He told her, she said, that it was Mr. Zimmerman — not Mr. Martin — who was the one screaming, an assertion that remains in dispute.

    More than a month later, she and her lawyer, Derek Brett of Orlando, met with two investigators from Ms. Corey’s office. Mr. Brett said his client was subject to only 15 minutes or so of “substantive questioning.”



  5. "Some Sanford officers were skeptical from the beginning about certain details of Mr. Zimmerman’s account. For instance, he told the police that Mr. Martin had punched him over and over again, but they questioned whether his injuries were consistent with the number of blows he claimed he received"


    "The official report, prepared by the medical examiner in Volusia County, Fla., also found that the 17-year-old Martin had one other fresh injury – a small abrasion, no more than a quarter-inch in size – on his left ring finger below the knuckle."