Zimmerman legal defense fund

Discussion in 'Politics' started by philbloom, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Does such a thing exist?

    We need to pool our resources in order to defend Zimmerman from the black racists who want to charge him for NOT breaking the law!

    There was nothing legally wrong with killing Treyvon, and Zimmerman must remain free. All he was doing was defending himself and the community from a potential criminal.
  2. This is all Obamas fault anyway.
  3. I am going to laugh when all the clueless google the web and find out the only "Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund" was the one created in the 1990s to defend the creator of the PGP algorithm from federal prosecution for breaking export laws.

    Most of them will probably not read that deeply and still send money to the lawyer even though the case was settled without prosecution over a decade ago.