Zimmerman/Hannity Interview

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    Are you guys watching this? No way they are going to convict this guy.
  2. Caught in a lie in the beginning of the interview,unbelievable
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    Right and of course you know that for a fact. Nice.
  4. Do you hear the lies he say right now?
    Hannity ask George why did Trayvon tell you to shut up? George say "I do not know"
    Maverick why George did not say he was screaming help and this is why Trayvon say shut up if he really screaming?
    And George tell Hannity Trayvon know he call the police. Hmm? How does Trayvon know this? George never say he talking to Trayvon but only to say "No I do not have problem"

    And Maverick I am just talking to you in your thread for opinion, so please do not be mean.
  5. In the 911 tape he said Martin ran from him,on tonights interview he said he didn't.Both comments on tape from Zimmerman.Yeah,nice
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    Mean? LOL. I'm a pussy cat. Ask RCG. Can you re-write this post? I don't understand what you wrote. LOL.
  7. That interview went downhill fast especially towards the end when he shows no remorse and said he wouldn't do anything different.Hope he takes the stand during the trial but I doubt it
  8. What is wrong with George to laugh when he say he only the one who know what happen? Because Trayvon is dead.

  9. This interview didn't do him any favors imo
  10. Mav while I agree given ONLY the known facts right now that he is not getting convicted of murder, he does seem like a liar to me dude. That could just be coaching from the lawyer but the part about him not following Trayvon sounds like total bullshit imo. Even if he is a liar though the only evidence available indicates he got his ass kicked, a witness saw it, and he did what he had to do.

    The media and a large part of the black community acted/continue to act ridiculous. That is the only thing that really pisses me off. It is the only part of this case that matters to me anyway.. people get shot and killed by the thousands all day ever day all over the world. We never hear about it and people can act like they care but if they don't know them they are just saying it to appear compassionate. But in this case there are racist people looking for an excuse to attack whitey. Fact.
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