Zimmerman - Guilty or Innocent?

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George Zimmerman - Guilty or Innocent?

  1. Zimmerman Guilty of Murder 2

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  2. Zimmerman Guilty of Manslaughter

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  3. Zimmerman Innocent and Acted In Self-Defense

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  1. pspr


    Here's your chance to be a member of the jury and vote on whether George Zimmerman is guilty of murder, manslaughter or just defending himself in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

    Make your best judgement based on the law and the facts we know today.
  2. our substitute''jakejones''. . . . tell us who is presently leading.:D.
  3. pspr


    It surprises me that about 40% feel Zimmerman is guilty of at least manslaughter given that there is no evidence that Zimmerman was the one to initiate the physical confrontation.
  4. Likewise there is no evidence that Zimmerman was not the one to initiate the physical confrontation. It is just as likely that Zimmerman attempted to grab & hold Martin, as it is that Martin punched him in the nose. Unless the prosecutor has a witness who saw the beginning of the fight then there is no proof either way.

    What is B.S. however is the claim that Zimmerman shot Martin on top of him without getting a drop of Martin's blood on himself. Physics, gravity, and fluid dynamics do not work like that.
  5. pspr


    Fortunately for Americans, we are innocent until PROVEN guilty. Supposition does not replace doubt.

    As far as the blood issue, if the weapon was held against the body the clothing would have prevented blood splatter and dripping while Martin fell off of Zimmerman. Witnesses confirm the position of the two prior to the shot being fired.
  6. here's a hypothetical for you PSPR since you are our resident '' jakejones'' on the subject:
    WE know that T. went into a store and bought tea and stuff. Now unless T. had the exact amount for his purchases he would have had some money in his possession.
    Now if the clerk from the store had to confirm that T. did receive change from his purchases, and if NO money was found in his possession by the police when they searched his body for clues or identification , would it be possible that Zimmer was only just masquerading as a night watchman and had actually intended to mug him ? Now if that were true , wont that change the mechanics of the case from Stand Your Ground to Armed Robbery and Murder maybe ?
  7. Stay on the case Detective Spiker

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    Seriously, are you even capable of feeding yourself?
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    The only version of events that I've seen was Zimmerman's father relating what his son told him about what happened. He said that Martin approached Zimmerman as he was returning to his vehicle and said something to the effect of "do you have a problem?" and then Martin struck Zimmerman in the face before he could even reply. Once Zimmerman was down Martin jumped on top of him and started smashing Zimmerman's head into the sidewalk. Zimmerman told his dad that he moved his head from the sidewalk onto the grass to avoid being killed and then pulled his pistol and shot Martin at extremely close range.

    It seems to me that all of the other version here are manufactured by our particularly large contingent of stupid posters. I'm not saying that Zimmerman's version of events represents the facts, I'm saying it is the only version offered by anyone who witnessed the events. If somebody has another version of events offered by an eyewitness I would like a link to it so that I can take a look.
  10. Brass


    Setting aside, of course, the self-serving nature of his account, coupled with the conflicting nature of his version of the events and the apparent evidence surrounding it.

    Oh, and wasn't there a witness whose account of events the police were initially disregarding? An account that also seems to be at odds with the defendant's version?
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