Zimmerman charged with 2nd degree murder

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    Mob rule wins the day.
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    Does this mean there won't be any riots?
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    I hope not. I just bought a new rifle and some ammo.

    IQ-47 would be proud. :D
  4. Zimmerman will face the justice system, I'm satisfied

    I thought OJ was guilty,I thought Kasey Anthony was guilty.When they were found not guilty I felt they should be able to live their life in peace .If the justice system says Zimmerman is not guilty let the man live his life in peace
  5. Only your kind were hoping for riots


    Al Sharpton urges Trayvon Martin supporters not to "tarnish" his name with violence

    WASHINGTON -- Civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton and attorneys for the family of Trayvon Martin pleaded with supporters today to remain peaceful and let them work the justice system to find resolution to the February shooting of the teenager in Sanford.

    At a press conference in downtown Washington, Sharpton said "Trayvon's name must not be tarnished" by violence -- in either words or deeds -- in response to the killing of Martin, who was black, by Neighborhood Watch volunteer George Zimmerman.

    Special Prosecutor Angela Corey of Jacksonville reportedly will announce at 6 p.m. today that she is charging Zimmerman. Sharpton and attorney Benjamin Crump repeatedly urged that supporters in Central Florida and elsewhere remain calm, regardless of the decision.
  6. Angela Corey decided it was in HER best interest to charge him with something. Anyone who has heard half the story knows Zimmerman is innocent, but she charged him anyway. Why? Lets see...

    If She didnt charge him, that would be the end of her career because just like 2 years ago when she was fired because of (in her words) political pressure, she would've been fired had she not charged him.
  7. What are you smoking? Good God man. If he didn't get charged, then what the hell kind of Country are we living in?
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    Yeah I just bought some more 7.62mm and .45 ACP. Plan to add some 12 ga. as well.
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