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    Beloranib is a game-changer. A friend of mine is a top endo and owns 50K shares. He feels it will be critical for off-label use in diabetes as well as PWS. $50 inside a year.

    I never discuss investments in individual companies, but this thing will see $100 in two years, if not bought outright.
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    From 17 to 20... holding.
  3. $ZFGN closed down 50.71 percent on Friday, October 16, 2015, on 10.65 times normal volume. The bears made the stock sink to a new 52-week low.
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    I'd covered at a double as I always peel some off if I hit one. A few weeks later the shares top in the high 40's and then the news of the first thrombotic-event hit the wires. Then a second some months later. I don't mention the gain as blowing-myself. It is what it is.

    The drug is fast-tracked and will be approved. I (my family) have 60K at basically $7.

    My take is (I have a life-science background) that the rapid weight loss and lipolysis/hydrolysis involve a redox into FFAs that are related to the clots. Plus, these kids are morbidly obese with significant comorbidity. IOW, these happen in the untreated PWS population.

    The SoC will likely be (IMO) starting with low-dose therapy to maintain a consistent weight loss and improvement in BMI. Slowly ramping the drug over a period of months rather than a linear dosing scheme that results in a rapid weight loss as was seen in the trials. Perhaps some thinners in the top-decile BMIs. Literally an aspirin a day in the adult population and something scripted for the kids.