'Zeus attack nets £675,000 from UK bank customers'

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  1. By Tom Espiner, ZDNet UK, 11 August, 2010 17:32
    "The Zeus Trojan, which is also known as Zbot, steals data from a compromised
    machine by logging keystrokes. People who click on an infected email or compromised
    website could end up by exposing their online banking credentials. In addition, the
    latest versions of the Trojan use a man-in-the-browser technique which intercepts
    data before it can be encrypted."
    "In July, security company Trusteer warned that botnets based on the Trojan were
    targeting British online banking customers and said that the detection rates for the
    malware by antivirus software were low, between zero and 20 percent."
    "More than 280,000 UK systems running Windows were infected with the dropper,
    and about 12 percent of these were then infected by the Trojan. The exploit kit also
    hit non-Microsoft systems, affecting more than 3,800 Macs, 300 PlayStations and
    three Wii consoles."

    what program/s can prevent the Zeus Trojan/botnets/droppers and others installing
    on one's computer ?
  2. pspr


  3. Get a Mac. Zeus does not exist on Macs so I have no idea why they made those numbers up.
  4. Buy a mac, drive a ford, toxicate your body at McDonalds and rot your teeth with a coke while you're at it.