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  1. I am a happy user of zerolinetrader..... an IB frontend trading platform....... i read elite trader regularly and NO ONE ELSE seems to use this platform... most people talk of other platforms.. button trader, ninjatrader, autotrader, etc... could someone point out advantages to using these other platforms over zeroline. or maybe point me a website... thanks
  2. I have been looking at Zerolinetrader. Have the sim set up. But
    what I wonder is can you set up different strategies and then
    save them? I can't seem to figure out how to do this. With Ninja
    you can save different strategies for each market like ER2, ES,
    NQ, YM, ect.,... And many different strategies for each market...

    I like the way the DOM looks in Zerolinetrader. Kind of looks just
    like TWS... Plus you can set it up in any colors you want...

    P.S. Their forum seems like a ghost town... so far... :p
  3. I have not done this since I only trade one strategy, but I think the way to have different strategies is by having several lines for a contract with different trade management parameters. You may also want to create different pages for each contract if there are too many strategies. Hope this helps.
  4. I am also a hapy usr.
    Anothr platform may hav some advantage
    but ZL has evrything I need.
    Drag n Drop in th DOM,
    multipl strats, chase, scale etc.

    Th DOM colors n butns cn b configd
    a biiig + for me.
    Like adding a 'buy at th bid'
    or 'Stop n Reverse' butn.

    Brkt Trdr has one advantage
    its fre.
    Aftr that, ZL is th best price
    n does it all for me.
  5. So far I am having trouble just saving a new page... But your
    idea sounds logical. I will give it a try.

    Perhaps you cannot save new pages/layouts with the sim?
    I'll go to the forum and see what the answer is...
  6. This may be the hardest post to read ever.

    Friendly advice: Try writing the whole word, everyone else does it. Abbreviating everything makes you come across as lazy. An occassion abbreviation is ok (like acct for account or stoch for stochastics). I'm not trying to be a jerk to you, but it is annoying to read a post like that. Nobody likes it, so try not to do it.
  7. No, at this point you cannot.

    Maybe in future versions. I suggested this to the developer, but since I really don't need this and this would require some major changes to the software I am not someone that could really press him hard on this.
  8. Have you checked this? It used to work like that in a very old version of the software, then things got changed and I know that it would not work like that, but then perhaps it was enabled again. I am just not sure it would work like that at this point. Since I really don't need it either, I have not tried it out.

  9. I should of wrote back to say I did figure out how to save pages,
    layouts, symbols, ect. by talking to the developer in their forum.
    And you can save different strategies for each symbol with the
    current version... You have to put up the symbol in a new line though...
    Which can be on the same page or a different page or layout...

    At the moment I am still checking it out in sim mode.

    Zerolinetrader does have a 30-day Free trial for live trading...
    I will be checking it out live as soon as I am confident that it
    doesn't have any serious bugs...
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