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  1. Are they still around? I used their software as a front end to IB, but stopped using it as TWS book trader suited me just fine. But I wanted to start using it again, and paid them for a license on 6th of this month, but haven't heard back from them regarding the license file that I need to make the software operational. I checked their forum today, and the developer hasn't logged in since feb.

    Are they still around? Anyone paid for the software in recent times and heard back from the developer? If not, I suppose I need to contact my CC company and ask them to void the transaction...
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    I use ZLT for swing trading...never had a problem.
  3. I am not saying there is a problem with the software. I am saying I bought the software license recently (obviously because I think I can use it), but no response from the developer with the license key file. Once you have the key file, you can keep using the s/w till the license expires. Did you buy the software recently?
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    I see. I renewed about 1 month ago and he emailed me the key. How long have you been waiting?
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    Interesting, I never heard about zero line trader before. What do you like about it?
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    For me, I use it to bracket swing trade...the software is lite and not bogged down. Just the basics, but works great. You can DL a demo.
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    Sorry, I come from an options background, not familiar with the term,"bracket swing trade." would you mind explaining?

    Thank you.....
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    I use it to initiate trades that I hold for a few days/weeks. When the order if filled, ZLT will automatically put in a target and stop. So it manages the trade once I am in.
  10. zltrader, Received the license! Many thanks.

    rmorse, "bracket swing trade" basically means: put in a say, limit buy order at price x for a futures contract. If filled, the software would manage a bracket. Profit target at x+p, stop loss at x-l. Whatever is reached first, the other order is automatically cancelled and you are done with the trade
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