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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Fierze, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. Fierze


    I am looking for simple and efficient DOM execution platforms and ZLT has got great reviews. It looks promising so far, but I do have some questions:

    1. Is it possible to "link" windows in ZLT? When I choose a symbol in the list, a new separate DOM window appears for every symbol, making the screen cluttered. Instead, I want to have one single DOM window in the right part of the screen (see screendump) and use that window for ALL instruments I trade.

    2. Regarding the action buttons available, what is the difference between the "Buy Ask" and "Buy Mkt" buttons? (Sell Bid and Sell Mkt when shorting) I thought these actions were the same thing..?

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  2. Hi Fierze,

    I do not know any answer to 1 – think someone else can help you there, but for your second question:
    ‘Buy Mkt’ will send a MARKET order to your Broker/Exchange and ‘Buy Ask’ will issue a LIMIT-Order with the current ‘Ask’-price as the limit.

  3. Fierze


    Thanks TrailingStop3, I knew there had to be some difference but this did not occur to me. Good to know.

    Still waiting for input on my first question though. Without a way to easily (1-2 mouse clicks) trade different instruments in the same DOM window ZLT looks a lot less user friendly in my opinion.
  4. zltrader


    Hi Fierze,

    Here are three options:

    1. If you trade a few (three or four or less instruments), you can switch to different DOM windows by one click on the Taskbar.

    2. If you trade many more instruments, you can turn on the taskbar option "Group similar task buttons." Right click on the Start button in the taskbar and select Properties, then in the Taskbar tab, check "Group similar task button."

    3. ZLT will provide the ability to switch to different instruments within one DOM window in a later release.

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  5. Fierze


    Thank you for the information. The taskbar grouping function is working ok, the only backside is when I want to minimize all ZLT windows quickly and having to click them one by one, could be tedious if having many windows open.

    Good to hear that this could be fixed in future versions though!

    kind regards