Zero to Low risk investments

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  1. I was looking to park some of my trading money in something while I take a break from trading due to a job situatoin. Now, I'm looking for things that have very low risk. Right now, my savings account offers 4% and the highest interst rate I can find right now is %6.73 from a government ibond. The only drawback with the ibond is you have to tie up the money for 12 months. So any one have any other ideas?
  2. Low risk....

    money not tied up...

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  3. only if you hold to maturity
  4. no risk overnight long futures contract for normal Midnight Rally Crew action free money next day gap up !!!!

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  5. ig0r


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  6. i can get you about 8% a year with the principal guaranteed for any money you want to park and at least beat inflation.
  7. I can get you 100% return per risk, no tie up....just western union me as much money as you can...yeah thats it. I'll make ya a millionaire overnight...yeah...thats the ticket :)
  8. I like short term CD's. I never lost money in CD's. You could take half your money and buy CD's and the other half of the money put in a savings account in a bank. If you need cash fast there would be some available.
  9. I'm extremely skeptical about this return, but certainly willing to listen ... please elaborate!


  10. A CTA in my office has this investment product through one of the Chicago based investment/futures firms he has ties with. He already left for Vegas so i will get the full details from him when i get there myself Tuesday night for the trade expo.

    pm me if you have specific questions --- i will get you the info you need.
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