ZERO reaction to fed minutes?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dac8555, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. dac8555


    wow. the fed is unanimously "concerned about inflation"...and no reaction form the market. amazing...i am having flash backs to 1999.
  2. S2007S


    heard the same thing, market dips 8 points and the moves to intraday highs...funny...inflation still a concern...

    dow up 67 points after yesterdays huge rally.
  3. Ebo


    I guess you don't watch The Bond or Fx markets?
  4. Exactly 6B and 6E went off that's for sure.
  5. Who cares just buy buy buy, your going to miss out on the huge santa clause rally, who cares the vix is @10.16 the lowest in 13 years who cares about the inverted yield curve, man this is a goldielocks economy, remember the presidents second term going into the third year is a magical time for stocks.

    Last week equitys had outflows of 3 billion but the market went up.
  6. just wait, still plenty of time today.....

  7. oh, and don't forget that the commercial hedgers have been wrong all year, while holding short positions. Just because they were short in 2000, while speculative funds were at all time highs, doesn't mean anything. And don't buy that yield curve inversion stuff (who makes this stuff up?). Any rational economist knows things like a GDP growth of 1.6% signals a healthy outlook for the market.
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    this year there is no need for a "santa clause rally" when the markets have already had their christmas in August, September, October and all of November...if cnbc even mentions santa clause rally i will go crazy
  9. Sometimes you do just have to scratch your head and wonder what is powering this market. I see a slowing economy, an inverted yield curve (which is only somewhat reliable for predicting recessions), weak dollar with a distinct possibility of a recession and perhaps worse stagflation. The stag is the worst possible outcome for these markets and other than oil retreating it seems to move closer to this scenario everyday. So I do not see how these possibilities are not being priced into the market. I think a lot of managers are under pressure right now to perform as the year comes to a close and the M&A activity is bullish, which helps.

    All this aside, the move up has been so slow and orderly I would have a hard time trying to justify any short until we get a breakdown. It would be nice if there was a parabolic blow off top but we just seems to be building here. IMO the only way we go down is with some new concrete catalyst to enter the market like a geopolitical or wildly out of line number to come in. Everything else just gets shrugged off, the sign of a true bull market. No resistance overhead so I guess everyone will just pile on until it doesn't work.

    Until then, long and strong.
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    CPI is due out tomorrow, if its inline or even .01 above I think they will still take this market higher. If it comes in below consensus im sure the DOW will rally to 12350 and nasdaq 2455+. Then on Friday we get housing #'s, who knows what that brings, im thinking something negative since nothing is going right in that sector.
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