Zero-commission stock brokerages

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  2. Good article. It seems the firm, Robinhood Financial, is going to target the youth who want to buy trendy stocks via their iPhones. I like the following sentence in the article:

    "But, of course, casually picking individual stocks based on personal affinity is a pretty good recipe for getting eaten up by the market."

    And that's exactly what may happen! But at least they'll get free commissions.

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    But it's not free: order flow is most likely be sold to the highest bidder which is unlikely to be the best price.
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  4. And how is that different from the other brokers out there? They're all doing the same thing.
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    Probably but my point is zero commissions is a big incentive to push that order flow model to the limit.
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    All are NOT doing the same.
  7. Okay, I was generalizing. Some just use their own ATS or route orders to where they'll get a nice rebate and not the best execution.
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    OR some may use their designed SMART routing to seek out the best execution for their clients (and actually pass rebates rec'd back to clients).

    IB SmartRouting Advantage
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