Zenfire laggy?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ArcticTrader, Mar 25, 2009.

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    I posted a thread in the Retail Brokers forum but it's not getting much attention. Just thought I would canvas some opinion here, for people that have experience trading live with Zenfire vs. TransAct. It seems to me that Zenfire isn't all it's cracked up to be, at least on my system...

  2. >chart properties>Window>Display update interval> 0

    you are maybe at .5 on update interval
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    Thanks for the suggestion, much appreciated... however, I was watching it in a quote page with just the bid/ask showing, not on a chart. My interval was set to 0.5, but that shouldn't affect the quote page, right? Is there some similar setting on the ticker display that could affect it? I can't find one...
  4. sorry i don't know of anything beyond that one setting. Interesting observation though in regards to Infinity/Transact being faster than Zen Fire. All I know is ZenFire/Ninja is faster than my last data/broker/software combo, PFGBest/TradeNavigator.
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    I would love to see if somebody can duplicate what I saw, so I know that I'm not screwing anything up... you can go to:


    And sign up for a free demo account. Then just log in and compare it to ZenFire/NT on the quote screen, and let me know if you see any time difference and can confirm the lag. For you ZF/NT users out there, it might be an eye opener if I am right!
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    I have NT + Zen, Infinity and good 'ole IB. I'll try and compare all three at the same time tomorrow.

    Which instrument were you watching?

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    Zenfire lags behind Esignal

    More noticeable on active fast moving days.

    But I will say that my problems have been with the charts lagging. I've had the fills processed and announced before the chart shows the fill and reaching that target.

    The greatest difficulties has been with autotrade as the strategy is based on chart whereabouts, Tough for tight trailing stops or entires that are constantly changing
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    I was watching YM in a quote page window...
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    I think the charts issue can be solved with that tip about setting the delay from 0.5 to 0... what you want to check is the instrument in a quote window and see how the bid/ask changes...
  10. lags behind esignal?

    hell, i use TT as a feed and its about half a second ahead of esignal
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