ZenFire connection problem today? Just me?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bmwhendrix, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. Not sure if this is the right area to post this, but I can not connect to Zenfire through Amp Futures today using NT. Anyone else having problems or perhaps something here with my system.
  2. I cannot connect either, with zen-fire or cqg. I can connect with kinetick for end-day data... daily or weekly charts, but that's it. Been d.o.a. connection since yesterday past the close of trading, fwiw
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    I thought it was some problem on my end. I can connect via cgq, but zen-fire has been dead as h*ll since Friday. I know zen has maintenance over the weekends, but my impression was it would be an hour or two, not general unavailability for long periods even over the weekend.

    Thankfully the markets aren't trading, but it still has me nervous it will continue into tomorrow evening when the futures are trading. And of course, there is no zen-fire support until business hours on monday...
  4. I can't remember the specifics but there's a post (or maybe thread?) about this in the broker section... specific to the CQG-Ninja and ZenFire-Ninja combo.
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    I don't see CQG as an option in my NT7 program. Does AMP Trading offer a "FULL" NinjaTrader capability -- i.e., ATMs, etc. -- for having an account with them, or does the user need to purchase a full license?

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    5 minutes til futures start trading & it looks like I CAN connect to zenfire. Just a weekend outage or "extended maintenance" I guess??
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    Using NinjaTrader with CQG...there are 2 versions of Ninja 1) Free 2) $50 per month

    Here is the link to compare both versions: http://www.ampclearing.com/ninjatrader_cqg.php

    The free one will be supplied once your account is initially funded.

    Important Information:

    Margins: www.ampclearing.com/margins_req.html
    Trading Hours: www.ampclearing.com/trading_hours.html
    Contract Specs: www.ampclearing.com/contract_specs.html

    We look forward to supporting you reach your trading goals!