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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by piker76, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. piker76

    piker76 Guest

    Just more fact finding in the Zen Fire Vs. TT connection for Ninja Trader.

    Zen Fire doesn't prove to be any faster. My TT connection is just as fast, but i have to pay $0.15 per contrat to use the TT connection. With my brokers disscounted commission it is well worth it, they pick up the phone every time i call.

    They even got me set up with telephone and web acess in the CME GLOBEX Control Center to status filled and working orders. ADVANTAGE FUTURES LLC in chicago. check them out


  2. fxpip


    Did do run Zen Fire next to TT ?
  3. hey piker.. your just a broker spamming for yourself., what a bullshitter you are, you should pay to advertise, or at least be honest, instead of spreading your bullshit like your a trader... take a hike you loser.
  4. Both feeds are good imo...which ever route you go you will be pleased.
  5. RedDuke


    I had both feeds side by side. Could not see any difference.

    Also, anyone trading on eurex will have a probelm with zen-fire since every trade that is reported has volume of 99 contracts, which makes time@sales and volume charts useless.

    Also another broker that offers zen-fire are Mirus. I do not think that the intent for the thread starter for hidden advertisement.
  6. Cy_M


    I believe Zen has unfiltered tick data, does TT also offer the same?
    Also, do both these feeds provide TRUE TRADE vol. for every tick?
    Who would be the best broker, lowest comm for TT?
  7. HI REDDUKE. spamming is the case, look at his e-mail .. he is a broker. .just another spammer pretending to be a trader, bad way to do business. i guess business is slow.. why the brokerage industry has a bad name with guys like this. easy to read thru the bullshit.. how else can he scape some more accounts together, can't tell the truth to save his life.

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    Re: hello


    scorpion wrote on 09-17-07 02:56 PM:
    hi, just curious what contracts do you trade? what are their rates? thanks


    I trade euiqty index futures and eurdollars options and futures

    I pay $0.50 in commission with $0.15 for TT with ninja trader.

    email this guy iwilliams@advantagefutures.com

    09-17-07 09:10 PM

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  8. Advantage is a very reputable firm in Chicago. I trade through them and I highly doubt anyone working there would use such tactics.

    NT on TT is very good since the last upgrade of the TT backend infrastructure. I trade eurex and am pretty happy with it. prices are unfiltered and I am pretty sure the Eurex price feed coming through to NT is from the new Eurex price feed.
  9. read for yourself , proof is in black & white, has nothing to do with the firm, read the back of piker76 profile, his name is IAN.., enough said. just some people like to bullshit thats all. just stating the facts , nothing to do with the firm, thats the way some brokers are just con-men. most will bullshit the pants off you if they can, how else do they make their money, thats just the way it is, some have to lie to get thru life.
  10. scorpions right. this guy is no doubt signed up and is iwilliams who's a broker at advantage. thats a underhanded scam way to get business. i guess the turnover in futures account is so great the brokers are desperate for accounts
    #10     Sep 17, 2007