Zen Fire Vs. IQFEED?

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Zen Vs. IQFeed, which is faster and more reliable?

  1. Zen Fire

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  2. IQFeed

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  1. My criteria is Unfiltered Tick after reliability and then price.

    I am presently getting rt Zen & NT free through my broker and hear that IQ has finally also unfiltered tick too, anyone with experience on IQF care to comment please?

    Most of the time due traveling overseas and not having the best of wide band, during early opening Zen falls behind Vs. TS and IB whom both packet the tick to a couple of hundred Millisecond or thereabouts.

    Any comments on Zen with a good connection during the opening? Does it keep up?
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    I use Iqfeed and been using it for several years. I had to change charting software earlier this year, I was using TS2000i and because of the 400% increase in ticks and TS2000i could not keep up due to ancient Globalserver. I had known for years I was getting so much less redundant data as compared to Esignal, but since I never use volume charts, it didn't matter to me. So I changed to Ninja and data comes in very fast. The only time I have issues with Iqfeed is around holidays, I don't believe anyone is guarding the store and sometimes their data doesn't start on time, but it happens only a couple times a year. But can't call anyone after hours. But I do notice my data compared to others such as IB is much better as far as highs/lows of bars.

    Hooking up Zenfire early next year is first on my list of things to do, so I can compare the feeds and maybe reduce the number of accounts I have with Iqfeed.

    Can you tell me any pros/cons of Zenfire?


  3. Thanks for the info.
    Unfortunately I can't comment on Zen since I'm using 1 Meg bandwidth and I assume that is the reason for the delays during the open? I look forward to hearing back from you though after comparing the 2 feeds. However my comments on the NT itself is not unfortunately as positive as I would have liked them to be!
  4. Zenfire delivers a fast, RELIABLE, data feed. I have been using NinjaTrader and Zenfire for about 1 year and have NEVER had the datafeed go down.

    I tested IQ and Zenfire side by side for about a month. IQ was comparable to Zenfire.

    HOWEVER, by the time I subscribed to all the things I needed to see the markets I cover, my fee with IQ was over $200 per month. My broker provides Zenfire and no charge.