Zen-Fire problems

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Lorenzo, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. Lorenzo


    Lost the connection twice in the last two days

    When this happens my Antivirus give me an Alert for a:

    NMap Xmas Scan from rz000aa.7ticks.com

    ...and last but not least when I try to establish the connection I am not able to login for 30 minutes

  2. Lorenzo


    still waiting for a reply....:mad:
  3. Xenia


    Maybe 7Ticks.com will try to explain this feature if you send them an email.

    ( rz000aa.7ticks.com = 7Ticks-Equinix-Hosting )
  4. Xenia


    If you use NT/Zen-Fire then goto NT support forum.

    NT Connecting: http://ninjatrader.mywowbb.com
  5. Looks to me like you need a router.

    A portscan means that an outside computer is trying to see if you have any ports that will accept connections.

    This usually means it is trying to see if your computer has any known vulnerabilities in network software so it can install a trojan or compromise your machine.

    You can easily lose connections when you have a machine tying up your network by trying to open connections on every possible port. This is most probably not ZenFire's problem.

    Get a router that does NAT and you won't have outside computers contacting your machine.

    - Curtis
  6. Xenia


    I think in this case the "outside computer" is the Zen-Fire host (connecting thru Equinix).
  7. Lorenzo


    If confirmed, it looks like a fraud to me

    my broker do not answer....hhmmm

    Ninja declines any responsibility
  8. Xenia


    I cannot see any fraud. Why shouldn´t the host try to find your machine after you lost connection ?
  9. Lorenzo


    I lose the connection in the same instant the firewall gives me the alert (not after):

    Intrusion:NMap Xmas Scan from IP


    to avoid this I must answer "yes I accept".....it's normal?

    Anyway, if i don't use the firewall i don't lose the connection but the intruder is inside my PC

    However you could be right....just waiting for a reply from my broker
  10. Lorenzo


    Well, now It's okay

    Problems are solved

    Thanks to NINJA Technical Support forum :)

    I Rated them just one week ago, and recommended to use this software

    I still think that NINJA is a superbe platform
    #10     Jun 23, 2006