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    I am interested in NT + Zenfire feed but can't find its pricing... I trade multiple exchange( CME, ICE, NYSE LIFFE, NYMEX ). How many will it cost per month? Where can I find it?

  2. sk8erboy


    Contact AMP Trading
    They have pretty cheap NT/ZenFire commissions
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    tod b

  4. moarla


    zenfire itself is free, its priced in the comissions :)
  5. dunadain


    Zenfire is usually not free unless your broker is just charging you a heck of a lot for commissions. Most brokers will instead charge a separate "technology" platform fee, but have much lower commissions.
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    Check them out to see what rates you can get for the use of Zenfire with NT.
  7. moarla


    zenfire is free. give me one broker charging for Zen....
  8. TraDaToR


    Thanks a lot guys,

    What are these commishs including zenfire like? What are the brokers commishs like( excluding eschange fees... ) for 0-300 contracts? 300-1000? 1000-10000?

    Does it include NT? I guess not.

    Commission schedule is not available on their sites.
  9. Surdo


    NT requires a seperate subscription for $50/month.
    There are no exchange fees charged, Zen-Fire pricing is built into the commission rate.

    I sent you a PM regarding rates.
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